You ever sometimes think about Adam Smith and when he said

Mais if those business people start getting involved in politics and all of that?
Gonna be going back to feudalism

I think about that a lot

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it was funny how Smith was like

colonialism is bad cause it only profits politicians n businesses while the civilians foot the bill

but then said

except the American colonies that's fine.

I mean it was pretty radical to have a prominent Capitalist critiquing colonialism

I teach Adam Smith to my 10th graders cause I don't want them to hear the propaganda about Adam Smith and believe it.
I want them to be able to correct adults 😎

@Sylvhem yes! Wealth of Nations.
Karl Marx and Engels were big fans of Adam Smith. Smith is a complex thinker. Also thought landlords were predatory garbage people

@Cyborgneticz I already knew that one thanks to Existential Comics ^^.

I really need to read his work on day. Adding it to the list.

@Sylvhem Theory of Moral Sentiments is good too, but talks less about the inherent equality of the poor to the privileged than the Wealth of Nations. I guess the topics are different so he probably thought 'meh people can read that book'
Interesting person!

@Cyborgneticz @Sylvhem Yeah, back then "capitalists" were still the lower class fighting the ruling nobility.

I find it interesting to analyze the context of early capitalist thought. Because it was like, "I don't want this all-powerful king to grant monopolies to his noble friends, I want free initiative!" But people today are like "health and safety regulations by a democratic government are tyranny, I want free initiative!"

@eldaking @Sylvhem Agreed on all points. That's part of why I love reading the early capitalists because when they were writing makes it so fascinating

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