@Cyborgneticz I find it extremely upsetting that the Catholic church apparently only considers men human persons.

@Cyborgneticz Good article! (even if I'm not too into the specifics)

@Cyborgneticz I'm so proud of you for writing it AND getting it published!!

@maloki 💜 it felt pretty vulnerable to do, opens myself up to more personal critique than say my argument critiquing veganism

@Cyborgneticz yeah, I know. It's tough. All the more reason to be proud of you for doing it. <3

@Cyborgneticz I had never heard of the catechism and neither had my raised-a-catholic wife. Fascinating context. Really great article.

@Cyborgneticz "The fetus is a *possible* life, not a confirmed life."

from the more earnest prolifers i've seen this seems to beg the question that lies at the heart of the matter for them - their claim is that even a totally unviable zygote is morally and ontologically indistinguishable from a full fledged human being

is there anything in the Catechism about that, or any other doctrine, so it's not just one person's conscience against another's?

@carcinopithecus Catholics for Choice has some stuff on it I believe but since as you point out it's an ontological debate the point people usually stress is conscience

Interestingly right wing catholics in America were furious when pope Francis said that the conscience needs to be listened to above all

@Cyborgneticz tfw you're a religious authoritarian and the head of your org tells you that at some point there will have to be some baseline amount of thinking you gotta be responsible for yourself

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