My dissertation has been emailed

It is out of my hands

Now I cry

@Cyborgneticz congratulations! Such a mixed feelings moment, eh? Enjoy it all :)

@Cyborgneticz Fuck yeah! It's done. Hope the defense goes well. Fingers and toes crossed!

@Cyborgneticz tears of joy. you're gonna crush that defense like you were Ben Wallace

@Cyborgneticz Heck yeah! I know it's hard to think of it this way, but have fun at the defense: it's the only time ever you'll force people to sit in a room and talk to you about your stuff for hours!

@pence this has been so traumatizing I want to finish and never look back tbh

@Cyborgneticz Well done! After crying, time for celebrations and pride? :BlobCatHeart:

@esty none until after I defend
Don't want to get my hopes up and then fail

@Cyborgneticz I completely get that but also... Finishing your thesis is a win in its own right, irrespective of potential rewrites after feedback and defence. Important moment, right? Might be a good thing to just take a minute and breathe? You got a date for the defence yet?

@Cyborgneticz Ok. That's fair too.. I hope for you it'll not be too long so you can be done soon

@esty should be soon, but I have zero optimism about anything and everything

@Cyborgneticz This is also my mood today. That and the crying. But I wanted to be positive!

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