Still no dissertation information my way BUT I am going to enjoy myself at the Mothman festival

Probably the better place to be so I can't stay in my head

Selfie ec, road to Mothman 

I'm on the same road where Indrid Cold was seen

trying to decide whether to include this meme on the outline I'm about to send to my dissertation committee

3 travelers from Zoologist came in! Squid, Sacred Scarab, and Chipmunk!

Made my friend a Lil bag of perfume oil gifts for taking me to and from surgery :D

US military ad 

getting military ads of soldiers in a band??
the recruitment efforts continue

Mass necklace shirt combo 

I got a cool necklace thing on with my shirt for Mass

New priest today and last mass before surgery!

picture sent out to show the old priest leaving n new priest coming - goofy 

😂 this is the photo given to show the new priest coming in
the old priest really likes coffee
I don't know why this is making me laugh so much

I climbed over a guard rail and through poison ivy cause Baltimore adventures before I gotta take it safe for awhile

The end of the weekend is nigh!
Remember to take a break

Also my African violet is maybe growing flowers! I've never had this plant before so it's been a process, much like unlearning the 'I'm only a good scholar if I burn out' mentality

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