All you need to do is take 205 pages of content and talk about it for 5 minutes, while also being me
easy peasy

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Alright couyons - which one of y'all can I convince to read my dissertation and then defend it for me

Don't worry I'll send you some of my clothes and a wig and videos of me talking so it'll be super easy

Alright got all my needed notes for what to do for my defense
Will have another meeting to go through my 5 minute presentation (dear god my original presentation was 30 minutes)

And it'll be good and fine!

I'm sweating so much lmao

I have a meeting either in 14 minutes or an hour so
this is exciting

can't believe I never knew about the loveland frog man

@Ethancdavenport I'd only ever have SSDI and Medicaid, so figuring out insurance plans was rough
went with a PPO
I wish I had this video then cause honestly, it explains so much I didn't know

BDG dropped a video explaining healthcare

I sent it to my advisor - it's a perfect visual for my argument that Obama - progressive liberal in thought, but neoliberal in application

@alpine_thistle maybe that's my computer passive aggressively letting me know I should prep for my meeting

The content you don't want to go famous for because ideally...that wouldn't exist.

That's bananas. I've never heard of that in Nebraska.

I hate teaching current events cause it's current events
but I Am very curious about what the kids will say about Bolsonaro

online discourse, teaching, reddit 

@alpine_thistle I use a fancy computer board that isn't a smart board
Idk it's name but like
jesus. We had laptops my last 2 years in high school, and the teachers were very deliberate about tech use

I end up having to fight for their attention from the screen cause a lot of them have things like their phones hooked up to their laptops etc

So cutting it out and doing a lot of like Socratic seminars - excellent

It's way more work for me, but my kids do well!

online discourse, teaching, reddit 

I have a pretty low tech classroom, except for Current Events, because we do a lot of news reading, news evaluation, and digital literacy n whatnot

some projects are high tech, like the 10th grade guillotines, but that's rare

I just found out that according to online discourse on reddit, low tech classrooms are considered wild and seen as conservative

I am deeply annoyed

@alpine_thistle @Dayglochainsaw
Pharma has such a hold over so many states. hate it.
I love that name and also that vibe would be perfect!

we need a petition for Less Cool Dispensaries

the Cool Sexy Dark Lighting was too much

I way prefer this one, also when two cars got in a wreck outside, we all ran out to see if we needed to push the car off the trolley tracks (other ppl were on it)

fully just local normal ppl
I think most ppl would want dispensaries like this one, so idk the Cool Vibe. the workers all were wearing hawaiian shirts with the local baseball team on 😂

it's full of normal not weird people

I feel like this is rare and now I am committing to this place

the other day my weird roommate was like 'want to smell the weed' n I said 'absolutely not that is why I get candy'

OMG so I changed dispensaries cause the first one was like cool sexy bar all black lighting deal
the one I go to now - goofballs who are also into bigfoot hunting shows and telling me about the woes of organizing music events in WV cause the lack of cell service
and the security guard told me about how much he loves his gf who is in mortician school

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