Rel, presbys n catholics 

There are no Southern accelerationists. Have you ever tried to get someone somewhere on time? You gotta lie.

@amsomniac It's gonna be SO great. I'm waiting for those to come out about Louisiana and to scream rn

Rel, pol 

@juno @velexiraptor I often present GNC, and I think that it is a very valid way to express gender. But I think it becomes super problematic and makes a lot of assumptions about what is the 'right' way to be nonbinary, you know?

@rusty I love the High! The first Saturday it's free if you have bank of america

tomorrow is sunday? and also date day? how will I post a whole bunch about theological reflections on my continued reading of Jean Vanier and the ways in which loneliness has the potentiality for closer community building


everytime I see bread I thank god I don't have celiacs or weird gut issues along with all my other problems

enbies who carry their cards on their phone slip thing? lawful evil

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