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Trying to figure out if people are protesting here in Louisiana for this heartbeat bill but no one knows. yikes.

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A big neon sign above the entrance of every humanities building everywhere: "ACADEMIA ISN'T A FAN CLUB"


Just remembered the book I'm writing on is like 400 pages good thing I've read it 4 times 😎

I like how my bookshelf at home has a Comandante Ramona doll a friend got when she visited Chiapas and a framed Communist Manifesto poster and then a star wars fighter ship.

I love that my partners reaction to me coming home was << NOW I WONT DRINK WINE ALONE >>

So how're your coping skills today fam? doing good self care? feeding, watering, and resting yerself enough for optimal functionality? Be nice to that sweetie in the mirror, it's been a rough week and it's almost over. Don't gaslight em into thinking they didn't do well enough just because the week's been a bitch.

The best way to protect communities and minimize harm is to build a culture that acknowledges people's ability to do wrong, demand accountability for those wrongs as a condition for being a part of the community, and allow folks to have the capacity for growth and improvement

This is the way that Restorative Justice can be used to build strong communities and relationships.

If you want to read more about this, I recommend Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

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"you/your feelings/etc. are valid" is imo one of the best things u can say to comfort someone bc it never attempts to tell someone how to feel about any particular situation

simply acknowledging and accepting that the way you feel is legitimate is very helpful to me, especially because i spend a lot of time doubting myself

It's not a big deal but like my hair dresser said I should be thankful for oily hair cause it conditions itself so if I could just redirect the oil from my skin


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Still waiting for the person I'm with to decide that answering emails while at brunch is superior to doing it in a hotel with no food

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you kids think emotional detachment is cool?? you think irony poisoning is cool huh?? think again. caring about stuff rocks


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