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Kisses are the mitochrondria of a relationship

Hotel lyfe 

Autocorrect gets 'gotek' means 'hotel'
But 'know' is 'lmom'


a toot about "politicizing" things 

A study in the rhetoric of the booty: a qualitative analysis of 'booty' in music

I want this as a project

I thought the Lethal Weapon series was Die Hard until a few months ago.

planned on video games instead I'm talking shit

sometimes I forget the size of my body and fall over things

my partner's mom is coming over so i guess i have to change out of gym shorts that are three sizes too big.

tfw people think open and poly are the same thing and it gets awkward

Alright. Where do y'all get your affordable bedframes?
I need one for a full that I can store a LOT of shit under

you ever publish something in a journal/newspaper/etc and think 'damn if people actually read this the world could be less shitty'?

Have you done something good for the world thanks to a resource I shared? Have you found a way to become a productive member of your local anticapitalist activist scene because I found you links to check out? Has a perspective I shared changed your view on something for the better, or helped you change someone else's? Have I had a positive impact on you at all?

Please share these stories with me, either privately or not, to help me fight off this deep, torturous feeling of worthlessness! 💖

dancing and embarrassing my partner cause that's my life

damn my amazon bedframe breaking after a year fucked

a person who is working to rebuild my trust just sent me a deeply personal inappropriate meme and like...girl we arent there yet

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