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I'm at work tomorrow til 9pm for back to school night


y'all I have had SO many people come by my classroom to ask me about mothman festival

and my advisees are outraged I didn't mention my birthday and instead told them about mothman

omg thank everyone for birthday wishes 😭
it's been a tough day and I appreciate it

Okay I think I finished my 5th chapter edits.
I am still Very annoyed by certain things, but my friend and angel is looking over them
😭 😭

incredible that it's the queen's funeral, talk like a pirate day, and @Cyborgneticz's birthday all at the same time

Edits were hastily written
Well with only 3 days to go I doubt the others won't be hasty

y'all for my birthday (tomorrow) I am intending on doing some ghost things cause

so with that in mind, are there any good free speaker box apps or websites

(my advisor has still not emailed me any part of my dissertation)

One of the pains of epilepsy is I can only do cool trips to rural places if someone can drive :(

The best part of the Mothman trip was how much it reminded me of my childhood and just only being with rednecks.
The rednecks with ATVs probably illegal cop like light set up and all.

Love redneck culture cause who cares about laws

Went to look for mothman and whatnot at night
Met bigfoot hunters who illuminated a done for us and we talked about tree knocks (we heard one while on the highway Indrid Cold was seen)

I guess I'm a monster hunter nbd

@duskdweller wearing Zoologist Moth to the Mothman festival and Moth in the eerie cold fog was a trip

I met an original eye witness of mothman and got her signature so
that is very cool!!

she told me 'he looked too perfect to be anything but what he was'

gonna fuck around in some domes and maybe meet mothman

Still no dissertation information my way BUT I am going to enjoy myself at the Mothman festival

Probably the better place to be so I can't stay in my head

Selfie ec, road to Mothman 

I'm on the same road where Indrid Cold was seen

well my students are quoting me

'that is something you Can say'


dissertation. stressssss 

I have 4 days til my dissertation is due and I'm waiting on edits


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