today a professor told me, "buy the newest version of the textbook or fail the course"


i am a non-traditional student. "people you know" isn't a thing. i commute. i got the most recent version of the text available from rutgers libraries.

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i fall into the category of "underrepresented in STEM". i fucking wonder why lol

@D_Blakely That's the type of instructor I've always tried not to be.

You might try the "Ask Us" thing on the Rutgers Library chat to see if they'll buy the version your class uses or help you figure out how to get it from another library.

My library is kind of an exception because a) we're only about 10 years old, so we're actively growing & b) we're a community college where most people are non traditional students, but we actively buy textbooks and hold them on reserve for all to use.

@D_Blakely Come over to study in Europe for free .. ;)

No such bullshit here.. ;)

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