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Homework Forum Hell 2/3 

...i'm a junior in college. maybe you're misreading my question in bad faith deliberately in order to assume a superior attitude

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Homework Forum Hell 1/3 

i asked a question on Physics Forums dot com about a homework problem, and a person with a "homework helper" banner replied, "you should have learned how to do this in high school"

i fall into the category of "underrepresented in STEM". i fucking wonder why lol

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i am a non-traditional student. "people you know" isn't a thing. i commute. i got the most recent version of the text available from rutgers libraries.

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today a professor told me, "buy the newest version of the textbook or fail the course"

complaining about physics textbooks 

Taylor's undergraduate text on classical mechanics is so very bad. His in-chapter examples frequently leave out information vital for the student to make an attempt, and the chapter-end questions often demand solutions the text did not provide reasoning for. These questions are selected by instructors. Everyone I know cheats to do their homework

Critical Race Theory 

Assigned some reading from my advisor. Yosso's 2005 paper on "Community Cultural Wealth" and Sewell's 1991 paper on "Structure & Agency"

we'll be using these as a theoretical framework/lens for our research into physics graduate education

Long #Introduction (3/?) 

I plan to use this account mostly to talk and vent about my research and frustrations; and I also need other researchers to lean on. This is my junior year, and I would like to decide soon whether I will go to graduate school, what to study, how to pay for it, and every other question you can imagine an undergraduate having

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Long #Introduction (2/?) 

It was all astronomy, and it culminated in me presenting my results at the American Astronomical Society's 235th annual conference in Honolulu, HI.

This year I began research in Geophysics, Seismology and Vulcanology that will take me to Costa Rica in the Summer. I'll be presenting on those results sometime next Spring!

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Long #Introduction (1/?) 

I'm a physics undergraduate, and I do research!

Last year I joined a project doing educational research on the American Physics Society's Bridge Program and how that influences culture in physics graduate departments. That's at Rutgers where I go to school, and it's ongoing

Last summer I did a Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of Texas in Austin.

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