David Attenborough‘s speech at actually seems a great example of this. Within the speech he turns the messaging around and focuses on the call to action and how hope is not yet lost!

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I'm really excited about tomorrow's seminar! Mark always has such interesting projects and knows so well how to guide you through even the most complex topics. optima.org.au/events/optima-se

After last night’s rainfall Dandenong creek looks more like Dandenong river.

PhD Examination Nerves 

I don't think I've ever been so nervous as clicking the link in this email 😨

On a very positive note, the report seem very thoughtful and only minor revisions are required! 😃

Upcoming OPTIMIA seminar 

The next OPTIMA seminar is tomorrow. Aldeida will talk about an AI-based optimisation approach to find and fix software bugs. The combination of OR and ML is becoming an increasingly interesting field; I'm excited to hear about this application!

OPTIMA seminar on Wednesday 

Wednesday's seminar will be on logistics design. It always it great to hear about the applications of !

OPTIMA Zoom Seminar 

I'm looking forward to the OPTIMA seminar this afternoon. A very different topic from the last few weeks, but right up my wheelhouse and saving energy becomes more important every day!


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