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Registration for has started today:
I'm excited, especially since it seems to have been organised with different timezones in mind! ⌚

OPTIMA seminar on Wednesday 

Wednesday's seminar will be on logistics design. It always it great to hear about the applications of !

Not a very glamorous day, but with a fully refactored standard library, the next release will be more type safe than ever before! :ferris_party:

Today is my first day as a Research Fellow at Monash. I'm disappointed that we're not back in the office yet, but we'll just have to make the best of it!

We're hiring (Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and me)!
A PhD Candidate for Fairness and Non-discrimination in Machine Learning for Information Retrieval and Recommendation

A great read to give some context about the history of computer science by Jürgen Schmidhuber: Turing Oversold -

Quite the earthquake in Victoria this morning! I hope everyone is safe. Audrey (my dog) is finally settled down a big again.

OPTIMA Zoom Seminar 

I'm looking forward to the OPTIMA seminar this afternoon. A very different topic from the last few weeks, but right up my wheelhouse and saving energy becomes more important every day!

Hi and fediverse! 👋

I'm a computer science researcher working on Optimisation/OR and programming languages. I currently work on the MiniZinc language, both in its implementation, its connection to solvers, and related tools.
I've recently been selected to continue my research as a OPTIMA research fellow at Monash University.

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