(correction, there are slightly over 1,000 threads which feature some kind of term related to women or femininity)

(this is only the first 50 threads--the drop off continues gradually for another 100 or so threads)

Like...there's a pretty dramatic drop off in references to terms relating to women and femininity but I can't think of a way to justifiably exclude threads.

Dismissing other peoples' doubts/concerns about research/writing/class work/teaching as imposter syndrome etc. seems kind of bad but I haven't put much thought into this

I have a very small amount of days to come up with a Methodology, oh no

Me: It went well.

My imposter syndrome: My committee only said nice things to me because they knew I would cry otherwise.

Ominously, it is also Foucault and Nietzsche's birthday.

I should probably start a research blog or something where I can dump my ideas, far away form the eyes of...anyone else.

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E.g. in a thread about women's rights, the other is women in general (with varying degrees of specific tropes, e.g. black women, white women, SJW women, etc.)

Anyone who disagrees with the dominant narrative of the thread is harassed AS that other regardless of poster's constructed or actual identity.

Initial theory: identity is constructed/attributed through demonstration of knowledge concerning communal objects/topics

Current theory: 4chan users randomly attribute negative identities to others' they disagree with depending on who the Other is for the given topic

Things I know: identity construction happens

Things I definitely do not know: how that identity construction happens

I think analyzing an archive of 3000+ 4chan threads in an attempt to identify methods of identity construction in an anonymous environment MAY have been over ambitious for my first real research project...

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