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Re- for the wave of new folks?

I'm a masters student and TA in communication and rhetorical studies, currently finishing up a thesis using methods from discourse analysis to examine how identities--in particular, gendered identities--are constructed, applied, and disputed on 4chan's /r9k/ board. Coming soon, to a Proquest near you.

In general, my interests revolve around: new materialism, post- humanism, internet studies, and discourse analysis.

I don't bite. Well, sometimes.

Perform or Else is the worst academic book I’ve ever read, and that means quite a lot coming from someone who has read large amounts of Heidegger, Derrida, Laclau & Mouffe, and Zizek.

I have to prepare a 3 minute performance for class tomorrow on a 100-page book section and it's so poorly written and argued that I am far too frustrated to even take it seriously

amazingly “RuPaul made a bad tweet” is more controversial of a statement than “anyone who thought that tweet was bad is an idiot” on The Discord Server atm

Very cool

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we should try our best to read hard texts relevant to our studies and interests but holy shit Derrida is fucking unbearable sometimes

You're telling me the soundtrack for a game I practiced speed running for months helps me focus on other tasks?!?!?!?!

yesterday I learned that the Shovel Knight soundtrack helps me hyperfocus and really I should have figured that out sooner

what is chapo trap house and why do all the mediocre men in my life love it

read a few chapters of a book for class today

I think it might be good but its complete absence of signposting or recap paragraphs is making it hard for me to remember what it was even about

be the theory shitposter you want to see in academia

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Dear department,

Some of us don’t give a fuck how prestigious you are and actually it’s gross how often you mention it.

My Valentine's gift to myself is a reminder that my productivity as a grad student and scholar is not a measure of my worth

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Cary Wolfe is coming to give a guest lecture in one of my seminars?!

Read and had class over Politics of Friendship last night and spent the whole night addressing my roommate as "O roommate, there is no roommate"

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