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Re- for the wave of new folks?

I'm a masters student and TA in communication and rhetorical studies, currently finishing up a thesis using methods from discourse analysis to examine how identities--in particular, gendered identities--are constructed, applied, and disputed on 4chan's /r9k/ board. Coming soon, to a Proquest near you.

In general, my interests revolve around: new materialism, post- humanism, internet studies, and discourse analysis.

I don't bite. Well, sometimes.

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Also, I removed a few keycaps on my laptop to let things dry out after a spill and I seem to have broke two fo the keycaps and it's bothering the heck out of me

Sadly, the dean has won and the thesis defense will not be this Friday. Instead, we will wait until the institutionally accepted time of the end of Spring semester for entirely arbitrary reasons.

My advisor and I have been fighting tooth and nail to get permission to defend my thesis a semester early (this Friday!!!) and we've reached, what appears to be, the final encounter: pleading with the dean via email.

Me: technically studying language

also me: frequently cannot phrase things like a normal English-language speaker to save my life

Does anyone know if work has been done taking Benjamin's Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical reproduction and expanding it to discuss the internet and online identity?

If there are any critical media studies people on here that can recommend readings about the relationship between artist, identity, artwork, and audience, please let me know! Curious to learn more.

The aftermath appears to be:

Everything is fine except one of the key caps I removed is completely broken and does not fit back on the laptop.

You'd think a normal person would be completely ok with the relatively minor, easily fixable damage, but I am not a normal person.

@Dialectrical Everything works as far as I can tell but I will never get over this and will probably feel bad every time I have to press those keys

I spilt beer directly onto my laptop and then messed up two of the keys when removing key caps and I am not handling any of this well

I'm here, I'm queer, I'm drunk and my writing sucks.

We're currently "fighting" about how much material conditions determine the quality of work one can do in grad school and it is exactly what I needed right now

I very much love that the majority of mine and my partner's biggest disagreements revolve around fundamental incompatibilities between analytical and continental philosophy.

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12 hours of sleep later and I am ready for one last sprint of revisions.

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Oh no my attempt at a nap has been ruined by Bad Thoughts

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