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Re- for the wave of new folks?

I'm a masters student and TA in communication and rhetorical studies, currently finishing up a thesis using methods from discourse analysis to examine how identities--in particular, gendered identities--are constructed, applied, and disputed on 4chan's /r9k/ board. Coming soon, to a Proquest near you.

In general, my interests revolve around: new materialism, post- humanism, internet studies, and discourse analysis.

I don't bite. Well, sometimes.

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I thought long and hard about changing the date on my thesis from December 2018 to May 2019 and almost left it

My thesis revisions are done (again) and I am sending it to my committee (again) and my defense is scheduled (again) and no incompetent director of graduate studies stands between me and my degree now

My friend got full funding and a TAship for next year!!! I'm so excited for them and am telling everyone, like the supportive cohort mom that I am.

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we are finally talking about ecology and Haraway in my affect seminar this week and if the rest of the talkative people who never read try to derail discussion I will scream at them

now it's time for me to be mad at everyone in my classes who regularly does not do the readings and spends seminar time on Facebook

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I actually don’t think I can handle teaching anymore this semester

I made an Eric Andre reference in class yesterday and NONE of my students laughed

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where is the "I don't want to defend this" option for theses

there appears to be a war brewing in the Discord server

the chair pretended to be interested in what I was doing after graduation at the last department event and I told him "therapy and trying to afford rent" and let me tell you that was the wrong answer

anyways it sure does suck feeling like your department doesn't care about you once they learn you're not going to do free advertisement for them in the future!

I was going to write a post about how the department chair wants nothing to do with me after learning I wasn't going straight into a PhD program but I just realized I never told him I wasn't going into a PhD program and I have no idea how he found out

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