I'm going to be moving to LA in three days!!!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!

@lyrium I don't have a car, otherwise I'd definitely be loading it up with boxes and taking a road trip

it is very likely going to cost me my entire last pay check to move my boxes across the country this sucks

packing up to move across the country is total bullshit


(*but you can still have fan clubs in academia)

@Cyborgneticz I will 100% get a Donna Haraway inspired tattoo the day my dad dies and I am not ashamed of this

I like Foucault because he's got really high defense and has a good move set.

Someone on my thesis asked me what my "favorite theory of identity" was, like scholarship is some kind of Pokemon game where you have your favorite little critters and you send them off to do battle for you

A big neon sign above the entrance of every humanities building everywhere: "ACADEMIA ISN'T A FAN CLUB"

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I very much want to start writing another D&D adventure even though I definitely do not have the time, energy, or group for it right now

there are many ants in the kitchen and my roommate is doing his part by...not making any effort to clean up at all and asking me why there are ants

@lyrium Right! I use a slightly more (unnecessarily) complicated workflow for references and notes, but I recommend Zotero constantly to everyone. My (now former) thesis advisor had never used it until I started doing RA work with her a few weeks ago and explained how it worked to her...

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