@robertwgehl Do you happen to know what your Elo is? I played on Chess.com and hovered around 1400 for correspondence chess.

I ordered some stamps and stationary, does anyone want to be pen pals?

@Cyborgneticz @awfulawfulthings on the one hand I really want to read this but on the other hand the thought of it is already stressing me out

Sex, Foucault 

Sex, Foucault 

Sex, Foucault 

I am extremely tired and extremely stressed out but my former advisor is so close to finishing her book and I just need to format one last document and it's done!!!

I say this after spending a workday far too anxious to do much more than reread a book section for an hour

I'm honestly shocked how productive I'm being with my personal research project?

just disliked something so much I looked up the author in order to figure out if I could beat them in a fist fight or not

So far, I am not actually a fan of Jameson's writing style.

on day 3 of researching for a potential project focused on Otoro Katsuhiro's Akira :BlobCatCoffee:

Shocked!!! That my parents care more about my sister going to grad school for physical therapy than they ever did for me going to grad school!!!

Role-playing game studies 

I threw away my notes from my first semester of grad school the other day and it felt great

like I know I look like I'm a complete jerk when I fuck up with forms and guidelines and deadlines and make typos and whatever else that requires a million emails back and forth but like it's so hard to keep track of things and my brain just sucks at it

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how do I even learn to be good at bureaucratic interactions like I feel like that's a skill I need

guess who misread something on a thesis-related email and now looks like a huge fucking idiot and jackass because it's me and I want to cry

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