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given how frequently my online interactions turn into me repeatedly asking the other person for clarification or why they think I'm talking about X when I'm talking about Y I'm starting to think that maybe I have no idea how to talk to people

I'm going to be moving to LA in three days!!!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!

it is very likely going to cost me my entire last pay check to move my boxes across the country this sucks

packing up to move across the country is total bullshit


(*but you can still have fan clubs in academia)

I like Foucault because he's got really high defense and has a good move set.

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Someone on my thesis asked me what my "favorite theory of identity" was, like scholarship is some kind of Pokemon game where you have your favorite little critters and you send them off to do battle for you

A big neon sign above the entrance of every humanities building everywhere: "ACADEMIA ISN'T A FAN CLUB"

politics, abortion 

I very much want to start writing another D&D adventure even though I definitely do not have the time, energy, or group for it right now

there are many ants in the kitchen and my roommate is doing his part by...not making any effort to clean up at all and asking me why there are ants

Right now I'm thinking of dividing it into maybe 4 chunks:

1. Prep work (software suggestions, overall work tips, what to expect, the thesis proposal stage, etc.)
2. Researching (managing notes, for the love of god use Zotero, citations, etc.)
3. Writing (daily goals, writing logs, approaching writing, (reverse) outlining, style, editing)
4. Taking Care of Yourself (get a hobby, drink some tea, go for a walk, make an account on, shitpost with confidence)

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I'm going to be putting together a small thesis survival zine for some friends, if anyone has any resources/stories/advice they'd like to share, please let me know!

I'd love to make this into something that could be circulated more widely.

I think my other seminar paper didn't fair as well, though and was described as having a "sincere Ahmedian feel" but wasn't what the professor expected and "should have sat more" with the phenomenology and bodily articulations...

It was about why the textcentric approach popular in ritual studies is unfit for understanding the ecological impact of the sites and activities it attempts to study and I used Heidegger/Ingold/Ahmed/Haraway to talk about my favorite coffee shop in LA.

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