I have now peer reviewed manuscript for 48 different journals.

If you have a paper in press, check the journal regularly because sometimes it gets published without anyone telling you.

Looking forward to sharing this piece on author disputes. Meanwhile, a not-as-good-as-final-version preview is here: peerj.com/preprints/26987/

Oh boy! Page proofs are in! I ❤️ love this part of the publication process. 😍

Final FINAL acceptance on revised manuscript today. Whew.

Why do we spend so much effort keeping students away from original scientific works but teach them original literary works? neurodojo.blogspot.com/2018/10

People complaining that reference formatting "slows down science" are lucky. "No resources" slows science more than journal requirements ever will.

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The "grievance studies" hoax coverage in New York Times doesn't provide context about the mini-cottage industry of academic publishing hoaxes, which I compile here: figshare.com/articles/Stinging

That makes two new editions of this "bad on purpose" collection in a week. I'd kind of like a moratorium on hoaxes for a while.

Donna Strickland, co-winner of this year's Nobel prize for physics, is apparently an associate professor, NOT a full professor at this time. How interesting.

Current annoyance: Media organizations not calling academics with doctorates "Dr." npr.org/sections/ombudsman/201 Style guides need to change.

Junk. Trash. Rubbish. I curate an anthology of papers so bad, nobody should have published them: figshare.com/articles/Stinging Let me know if I'm missing any!

Every month, I round up stuff I've seen for the last four weeks about conference poster design: betterposters.blogspot.com/201 Design inspiration courtesy of the Better Poster blog!

Has anyone EVER seen a conference not let a speaker present at a conference because of some minor infraction the previous year? E.g., not putting an abstract on a poster, talk to long, poster too big...? Asking for a random person who emailed me through one of my blogs.

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