Have you signed the Declaration on Research Assessment yet? sfdora.org/sign/

If you think Impact Factors are flawed 🤔 and should not be used to assess individual scientists' works 🙄 , maybe you should sign. 🖊️

Just finished watching new documentary, Picture A Scientist.

If you care about science and academia, you ABSOLUTELY should watch it.


Reopening doesn't mean it's safe.

It means there are enough caskets.

Any scientist thinking, "I should do because of COVID-19", I suggest you first ask if you can pass the Craig Ferguson test of . neurodojo.blogspot.com/2020/04

New edition of my little anthology of papers that should never have been published! One new hoax, some updates, and an accidental hoax by Isaac Asimov. figshare.com/articles/Stinging

"The situation we now find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic is not despite the view that researchers should do work 'that actually matters to the world,' it’s because of it." Blog post: neurodojo.blogspot.com/2020/03

Time Higher Ed article on authorship disputes. Why they happen, how we can stop them from happening, and whether we can fix them after the paper is out: timeshighereducation.com/featu

WARNING: Contains me.

Don't use "graduate students" when you mean "doctoral students."

It's removal of master's students and that's kind of crappy.

A consumer genetic test for that claims to check for "gayness" is a very problematic product. Check the petition against it. chng.it/wtXmKTNtCp

The "Ocean Cleanup" project's latest photos show it's capturing hundred of animals. This is NOT a success. twitter.com/RebeccaRHelm/statu

Never say, "I need something simple" to fellow academics.

If you are a Canadian academic living outside of Canada, you CAN VOTE in the coming federal election! Supreme Court ruling this year made it possible for expats to vote! Get on the international voters' registry here: elections.ca/content.aspx?sect

Simultaneously in my Twitter feed:

1. University of Alaska being gutted while we watch.

2. Grants for research in Alaska awarded to... scientists in populous northeastern states.

Turnitin sold to Advance for £1.3 billion, a US media company that owns the Discovery Channel, Wired, most of Reddit, and much more.

Why this is of concern from the THE article: "it reinforces a business model that relies on the collection and use of student data at students’ expense and without compensating them”.


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