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I am an anthropologist who studies academia and academic practices. Sometimes I am a consultant. I am always a researcher. Currently in NC but work in UK and Ireland as well as in the US. Did my original anthro fieldwork in Belfast in the late 1990s so Derry Girls is my JAM.

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Listening to Theorizing the Web podcast series focusing on #luddism.

Thanks to @tante for the heads-up

Blogged about figuring out how to discuss a report asynchronously and synchronously using Zotero and Zoom (and some of the content of the discussion, about the Educause Horizon Report 2022 (Teaching and Learning)

The Alan Turing Institute gets it.
BTW, if you don't know who Alan Turing is, do yourself a favor & look him up right now!

Caught up with all of my D&D podcasts and now I have to wait for new eps to be released!! Horrors.

A followup to my presentation; I blogged on the existence of the new OpenStax Organic Chemistry textbook.

From the perspective of those of us pursuing zero-textbook-cost in our courses, what OpenStax has negotiated with Cengage to get the McMurry Organic Chemistry license isn't an unambiguous good.

To see that, formulate a web search.

Hello friends and colleagues, I am looking for recommendations for people or resources for a workshop on academic writing. Have you experienced good ones? Are you such a person who does such work? EU/UK located folks preferred.

@platypus I've got a calendar notice telling me we are talking in about 20 mins if you need to reschedule let me know, otherwise see you soon

If you have an account on a less strictly moderated server and are willing to endure a knob or two in your mentions, take a moment every now and then to post something to the effect of "hey, there are instances out there that protect their people from harassment and hate speech".

From March 2020 up until April 2021 I endured a crap ton of abuse on here bc simply I didn't know instances with decent, active moderation existed. You may really improve some folks' experience here. #feditips

whups, misread the weather forecast on my phone (it was set to the wrong city oops) so I told Younger it was gonna be a lot cooler this week than it actually will be.

We're losing our copyright librarian to the library of congress/copyright office, so we've got a planned year of interim work. This is a part-time, remote-as-long-as-in-US position kind of intended to be slotted into someone doing other ad hoc copyright-related work.

If you happen to be or know a person who'd be into this, posting is here:

I'm thinking now about other folks who have critique as a major part of their practice, who also get dismissed. At some point, they (we) are gonna quit. And then, what we said should still have been/be taken on board. Whether it is or not is a separate deal.

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EdTech should never have acquired a Cassandra, the people working in EdTech should have listened early and often to informed critique by Audrey Watters. Her work persists (and she is gonna do new different things, good for her) and we should continue to point to it and insist that people listen:

I've been thinking a lot about my assessment practices, in particular how they impact student well-being. This year I made some changes with the hope of reducing student anxiety that were well-received... after some initial doubts in my classroom.

I wrote a bit about it for Teachers Going Gradeless (TGG²).



We have won today, but we will continue the fight tomorrow and against EVERY racist deportation ✊🏾✊🏾🔥🔥"


everything seems very difficult to do and I have a lot of little things I'm trying to deal with so I'm asking for another Please Clap moment now that Younger and I have finally wrangled their access to their own bank account...nearly a year after it was clear we had to make a phone call to do it.

I've been doing a series of blog posts on ethics and educational technology. Here is part 4, on an article by Tim Fawns on the entanglement of pedagogy and technology (and their entanglement with contexts, purposes, and values):

USpol, guns commentary 

it is truly infuriating how easy it is for people to get guns in this country. It's even more infuriating when I find out that a legal name change in my state requires: SBI and FBI background checks (which require fingerprinting), 2 notarized affidavits of good character from non-relatives who live in the same county, 10 days for the petition of INTENT to change name, and then the actual filing of the name change.

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