So if I want to "live" in one instance of Mastodon, but want to follow the stream of another instance, is that possible?

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@DonnaLanclos Yes. As you follow people, you'll see more and more posts from various instances, and as you follow/interact with them, your connections grow. It takes some time but it will happen.

@DonnaLanclos Absolutely. If you can see a toot from someone you wanna follow, just click the person-shaped icon.

Otherwise, search for the person with their handle and instance (frex you are @DonnaLanclos) and add them.

Complication: some servers shun other servers. I've yet to have this be a problem though.

@DonnaLanclos gah display issue

you are @/DonnaLanclos@/ minus the slashes.

@dsalo so I have to know people's instances to search for them?

@DonnaLanclos @dsalo not necessarily if you know their name, e.g. you can search for dsalo and the interface should show all the dsalo people.

@DonnaLanclos if they have a consistent handle you can try searching it? yeah, what Ruth said

@dsalo OK followup, what is the difference between local and federated feeds

@DonnaLanclos from a UX pov not much really

think of it like email addresses, there are ones in your org and ones outside it

but you can generally email both kinds

the Mastodon "local" feed is for super-tight communities, best I can tell

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