Urgh @SlackHQ@twitter.com, you go down 7minutes before my chat seminar for . Great. Just great!

Students, I'm going to keep trying to connect but we may have to reschedule for Thursday.

Has the Book of Deer monastery been found? The 10th Century illuminated manuscript is noted for containing the earliest surviving Gaelic writing from Scotland. bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north

India: 3 ashtadhutra idols stolen from temple; मन्दिर से अष्टधातु की 3 मूर्तियाँ चोरी, मूर्तियों की कीमत लाखों रुपये akhandbharatnews.com/3-statues

Huh! So the first known written reference to meat between bread as a "Sandwich" is in a 1762 entry in Edward Gibbon's diary.

India: Durga Temple broken in, valuables stolen; 5 big and small silver umbrellas and three crowns from idols of deities thehitavada.com/Encyc/2018/1/6

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