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DrDonnaYates @DrDonnaYates


I'm an who is somehow now a lecturer in studying art, antiquities, and fossil-related crimes. I'm looking to follow people working in and the likes.

I post art and antiquities crime news and photos of the places where I work.

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@DrDonnaYates Pardon me a stupid question, but are there many fossil-related crimes?

@DrDonnaYates What is a fossil-related crime? Is that where someone steals a fossil? Or is it, like, beaning someone with a coelacanth?

@wohali Either! I'm mostly working on the stealing side, but fossil assault would be something I'd record :) Have a look at news.culturecrime.org/arttype/

@DrDonnaYates There were a bunch of thefts from the Yale Peabody Museum while I was an undergrad there. I'm having trouble digging up the articles at the Yale Daily News website, though.

@DrDonnaYates Also if you need help making that database easily replicate-able and downloadable, @garbados and I are specialists at that :D

@wohali @garbados I might take you up on that! The only reason it isn't is, well, time...I do what is there now in the spare time I don't have :) Downloadable was the next step that's never nexted.

@DrDonnaYates If "fossil-related crimes" _doesn't_ involve people dying under toppled skeletons in museums, I'll be disappointed .