I am endlessly amazed by how advanced the ancient Egyptians were in CGI

This study trained bees to recognize the value of less than 1 so this article says bees understand 0. It's the first time for an invertebrate insect. cbc.ca/news/canada/study-sugge

A realisation today is that emotional media messages, which are made quickly and cheaply, will overwhelmingly tend to give you negativity or sentimentality. Anger and fear are the sugar and salt of fast-media.

Looks like it’s official now.

Another venture capital success story, another step towards greater consolidation/centralisation. Nothing surprising as this is how venture capital and exits work. It’s the system that proudly brought you surveillance capitalism.

#github mastodon.ar.al/media/qDAi8O4Ff

NASA just announced that they have found organic carbon on Mars!

Now, that is emphatically NOT the same thing as finding life on Mars. Still, very cool news.


I'm a sociologist who's preoccupied by media. Writing a post-nationalist history of television in Ireland right now. Interested in developing work on connections between tech and politics, also alternative, peer produced communication technologies.

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