Always going to find reasons to come back to Kyoto (selfie w/ec).

Springtime for nerds (my contacts were bothering me physically; having to switch to my glasses bothers me in tons of other ways).

(Selfie, ec)

Using technology for consequence-free doodling all over my notes.

uspol, TWO YEARS 

Got an email for a talk at the University of Tokyo and nearly fainted looking at the abstract.

Feeling.... something queasy about my email client’s attempt to soothe me.

hazards of online dating research 

I can guaran-fucking-tee you, Tinder, I am not going to like any of them back.

Hi from the Royal Angkor Resort, home of CALA 2019 and SUCH A NICE BREAK FROM THE SIBERIAN STEPPE.

(Selfie with ec)

In case any queer students doubt whether my office is a safe space.

(Kazakhstan, much like Russia and other parts of Central Asia, is SUPER REPRESSIVE of LGBT+ people and issues. As a foreign professor, especially one who studies gender and sexuality, I have a unique position where I can be open and welcoming.)

selfie with eye contact 

If I ever get a real vacation it’s because I’m too jet lagged to actually do anything. Today’s mood: vintage afghan and fake fur chill.

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