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sexism, racism in medicine I know, right? Also, would it kill people to not assume (a) people with uteruses are all women and (b) women are pregnant by default?

I will rot in semiotics hell for letting autocorrect mangle Peirce's name 🤦🏻‍♀️

Show thread it's SO COOL. H/t to Susan Blum, who sent it through the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Language and Social Justice list.

sexism, racism in medicine source: have uterus, have been to doctors, am university IRB member.

sexism, racism in medicine It ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY is.

I can also imagine people are trying like hell to avoid IRB headaches. The second your study might include pregnant people it is SO MUCH MORE of a thing and as anyone with a uterus has gone to a doctor knows, the assumption that one is pregnant or that any complaints might be due to pregnancy is constant.

Which is ALSO a huge gender problem.

"Loose" Cantonese romanisation and the formation of a Cantonese-speaking Hong-Kong-centric sociolinguistic space (news link) 

I wrote a thing and you can finally finally read it! It’s about how “bad,” edited profile pictures in matchmaking + online dating turn out to be “good,” meaningful, and useful. Featuring my silly face, Japanese and Pan-Asian photographic practices, CS Pierce, and musings on Chinese selfie apps + makeup. Open access!

My intro linganth students watched Darmok on Friday (ST: TNG S5E2), and I'm loving the responses that are coming in, including, "Malinowski would have definitely loved the episode!"


Today I learned there's a journal called "THE FUTURE OF CHILDREN" and if that's not just scaremongering about societal collapse, I don't know what is.

There are some actually good articles in it though, so now I'm just confused?

Uyghur/Han politics; marriage as colonization 

@Sharzie Yeah it's... wow. My blood is all but vapor now.

Uyghur/Han politics; marriage as colonization

In case you feel like getting really mad about how Uyghur women are being portrayed as ideal brides, with Uyghur men "safely" locked away in concentration camps.

complaining about cis queer bullshit 

@velexiraptor women and femmes is a cursed linguistic construct that doesnt describe or elucidate anything whatsoever imo

Posts to this profile are also my employers opinions because I'm self employed, now excuse me while I leave this meeting on my skateboard and kickflip occasionally into the sunset with a bundle of opinions under my arm x


@RecursiveRabbit Doesn't Star Trek already answer that a billion times over in every episode?

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