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Today we celebrate #HumanRightsDay. Passed exactly 70 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights memorializes the basic notion that fundamental freedoms, including privacy, expression, and access to information, are essential for people all over the world.

We must defend and protect the universal human rights to privacy and freedom online. Tor is critical in this fight.

Please donate today to help protect the rights of internet users worldwide. torproject.org/donate/donate-h

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"Scientists have been trying to find a lower limit beyond which life cannot exist, but the deeper they dig the more life they find."

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While Tutanota is not affected by this, we are deeply saddened that the #aabill passed today in Australia. At Tutanota we strongly oppose any attempt of backdooring encryption, and for a good reason: tutanota.com/blog/posts/why-a-

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Firefox is now more important, isolated and vulnerable. Some suggested ways we can support it:
• Set it as your default browser. And if you're back home with family over Christmas, suggest/set as their default too.
• When you hear web devs say "can't everyone just use Chrome", please challenge it.
• Contribute to Mozilla-led projects, e.g. MDN Docs: smashingmagazine.com/2018/05/c
• Donate to Mozilla if you can: donate.mozilla.org

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Hello everyone. I'm a 4th year medical student applying into Family Medicine residencies. I used to work in Information Technology before I went to college. I have a Bachelor's in Philosophy, for which I focused on Ethics. I'm always happy to chat about anything interesting or help out when I'm needed. Feel free to follow or PM me for whatever.

Hoping this note finds you well,

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want to know more about us? check out this interview for @eff deeplinks. We're proud members of the Electronic Frontier Alliance. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/secu

Scholar Social

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