All in all, another exciting development in the story of Plaudit! Those interested in learning more about the programme, follow @NGIZero , and see our project description at

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Accessible software is software can be properly used by people with various disabilities - which unfortunately is not a given.

Physical disabilities should not deter someone from taking part in the scientific process, and Plaudit should be usable by any and all academics.

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Furthermore, Plaudit will receive two audits:

- a security check-up, just to be sure that no significant risks are lurking beneath the surface.
- an accessibility audit, to find potential pitfalls w.r.t. accessibility.

What's that, you say?

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First, it will allow us to take the next step in opening up our data. Plaudit will notify publishers in real-time when a work they publish has been endorsed. This data was already public through CrossRef Event Data, but only on-demand.

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Great news:, which enables open endorsements of academic works, has been awarded a grand through the EU's NGI initiative!

So what will the grant be used for? 👇

The Plaudit browser extension, which allows you to view and add endorsements of scholarly articles, added support for a number of additional publishers and preprint servers recently, the newest addition being MIT's Pubpub.

Install it yourself to be able to see whether academics you know have endorsed the research you encounter:

Don't know what is? It allows academics to endorse research, and makes them available as open data. The aim is to reduce the reliance on journal brand names as an indicator of quality, and instead defer directly to the authority of one's peers.

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Now live: the ability to mark scholarly works as robust, clear or exciting using!

Read more about the motivation here, and let us know what you think:

We just confirmed the first successful data export to CrossRef Event Data, so Plaudit research endorsements are now officially open data.

You can contribute! Install the extension:

I've just released a Plaudit browser extension! Plaudit is an attempt to simulate research by influencing the incentive structure for researchers: direct endorsements by their peers, rather than through being published in a paywalled journal.

Get it here:

That is not likely to be at risk when funders demand publication in OA venues, however. Rather, when the term is used in this context, academics are not afraid of their research being repressed, but for their career progression.

It is a legitimate worry. However, career progression being hampered is a different problem than suppression of research, and tolerating research behind paywalls is not the only possible solution.

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Involving "academic freedom" when arguing against Plan S feels disingenuous.

Academic freedom is important because we do not want funders to suppress results of academic research that does not suit their world view.

For Open Access advocates using reddit: I made a subreddit that is automatically populated with links from the Open Access Tracking project.

It's here:

Proud to announce a new collaboration with eLife and the Center for Open Science on a new project: Plaudit!

More information here:

@trunk Please add me to Academia, Open Education, Science, Social Innovation.

Know #python & #databases?

Apply to this sweet job with ImpactStory, a very cool nonprofit that works on open scholcomm.

The job is the lead dev on Unpaywall, the index of all the free-to-read scholarly papers in the world.

#Job ad:

Big news in :

- No more embargoes
- No more copyright transfer
- No hybrid journals
- A cap on APCs

...for practically all European-funded research from 2020 onwards. It's called , and it's fantastic!

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