Great news:, which enables open endorsements of academic works, has been awarded a grand through the EU's NGI initiative!

So what will the grant be used for? 👇


First, it will allow us to take the next step in opening up our data. Plaudit will notify publishers in real-time when a work they publish has been endorsed. This data was already public through CrossRef Event Data, but only on-demand.

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Furthermore, Plaudit will receive two audits:

- a security check-up, just to be sure that no significant risks are lurking beneath the surface.
- an accessibility audit, to find potential pitfalls w.r.t. accessibility.

What's that, you say?

Accessible software is software can be properly used by people with various disabilities - which unfortunately is not a given.

Physical disabilities should not deter someone from taking part in the scientific process, and Plaudit should be usable by any and all academics.

All in all, another exciting development in the story of Plaudit! Those interested in learning more about the programme, follow @NGIZero , and see our project description at

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