: Hi folks, I'm Stefan, currently between jobs, because I left my position teaching philosophy at a Russian university. I work mainly on the history of early modern German philosophy and dabble in (digital humanities).

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@FrueheNeuzeit I imagine this would be a difficult time to be teaching philosophy in Russia. More power to you.

@josh it has always been difficult. Now I was beginning to fear that it might become dangerous. Which is why I left.

@FrueheNeuzeit Indeed! Are you still living in Russia or did you manage to leave the country entirely?

@josh I left for good (and I'm not sure I will return in my lifetime). Visas are tied to contracts, and we had only started the process of getting a permanent residence permit.

@FrueheNeuzeit It's incredibly tragic on so many levels. I'm sorry the cascade of @%$# affected you personally in this way. Where did you end up? Germany? As a comm scholar, I've been fascinated by Russian media history for a long time and always thought it would be a fascinating place to visit. Not getting there in my lifetime at this rate either. Not that it matters at all in comparison to the scale of the human tragedy that's playing out right now.

@josh yes, currently in Germany. Yes, Russian media are fascinating. Will have to do some research whether/where to find them here. I lived there for 8 years, and it certainly broadened my horizon - not only in good ways.

@FrueheNeuzeit Have to run for now, but would love to hear more. I've sent a follow request and will look forward to crossing paths with you again here.

@josh Yes, would love that. Btw, you can follow Meduza here: @meduzaproject (online medium in exile).

@FrueheNeuzeit Grades are in, so my schedule has opened up a bit. Just picking up the thread. How has your return to Germany gone?

@josh thanks for asking. It feels like I'm still returning. Building a household from zero is a task that takes weeks.

@FrueheNeuzeit I can only imagine! Changing cities or towns is difficult enough under best of circumstances, let alone changing countries in difficult ones. Are you moving with family?

@FrueheNeuzeit Pardon all the personal questions, I don't mean to pry. Also, if you're interested in chatting, but feel weird doing it over social media, I'm also happy to pick up via email or Signal. My contact info is here:

@josh that's not a problem. It's rather that my time budget for social media is a bit limited now. :)

@FrueheNeuzeit German philosophy and digital humanities?
How often do you reference Heidegger?

@Misinfo not at all. My interest in this area ends with Kant. (I did use him in teaching, though, but it was only from a sense of duty). ;)

@FrueheNeuzeit Ah fair enough.
I don't envy you though, German philosophy seems incredibly dense - at least it is when translated into English

@Misinfo two good things: I am a German native speaker. And a lot of it is in Latin anyway. But I never had the patience to delve into the German idealists, for example. Life is too short imho.

@FrueheNeuzeit I don't know who the German Idealists are - but it you are willing to avoid them, I'll just stick to my English Romantics

@Misinfo yes, that's advisable. Sorry, I was referring to Fichte, Schelling, Hegel. Denser than Kant.

@FrueheNeuzeit It's ok, I'm a sociologist. I'll take all the advice I can get on philosophy.

@FrueheNeuzeit I got that impression hahaha

Although, I have to say, Niklas Luhmann's - Risk: a Sociological Theory - has been very important to my field

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