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#Diversity training: emotional distress ("white #fragility") in the face of challenges (#racism, U.S.) 

Meh, sorry it's a Medium link, but I am re-posting because there can never be enough reminders.

*I'm in an almost entirely white workplace, and they're not successfully attracting, mentoring, or retaining diverse faculty. The white folks steering the ship, as it were, are frustratingly defensive.

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Link 2 of 2. On faculty diversity, from 2013 commentary: why you can't expect to fix diversity by just "collecting them all". What strategies support and retain underrepresented groups?

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I find the concept of introductions very intimidating. It will probably take me a few days before I post a full one.

Until then, hello there. I will probably post intermittently and/or vent about , , , , and issues in , as well as and pop-culture cross-over and slice of life things.

But I'm really not completely sure at this point. I guess we will find out.

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Extremely tired of people saying "gender equality issues" when they mean "women's issues only"

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In 1863, scientists started to doubt that the Sun is actually burning coal and proposed that the heat of the Sun has been kept up by meteoric bodies falling into it. "If the sun were composed of coal, it would last at the present rate only 5,000 years"

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gender-neutrality is when you emit no more gender than you consume

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If you think you're building The Future

And the team you have assembled to do so

Is less diverse than even the bridge of the Enterprise as depicted in the TV show from 1966

You are probably not building the future we all hoped for

gardening pest(ish) woes(ish) 2/2 

Those blue-blooded menaces (blue for the copper complex they use for oxygen transport) are far too cute for their own good, and I almost have to humor them in their floral meal. They are particularly fond of the dark purple petals.

Uggh, have you ever picked one up and seen the little antenna waving? The beady eyes? Those seven pairs of wiggly legs? I can't be mad!

...I finally manage to catch one; fighting back the cuteness, I gently toss it in the bushes.

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gardening pest(ish) woes(ish) 1/2 

I find myself muttering under my breath, "noo, stop! Naughty potatoes, bad! Cute little potatoes!" as I find some more of the adorable little isopods - those roly-poly, pill bug, potato bug, armadilladiidae, ダンゴムシ, whatever you want to call those silly crustaceans - working outside of their regular detritus-munching comfort zone to nibble on my fresh pansies and violas.

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Imagine being the kind of person

Who hears about de-platforming of Nazis

And thinks, The "chilling effect" this will have on certain kinds of speech is not *exactly* what we want

Gardening smells, a little bit metal? 

Even after washing, my hands still faintly smell like the weeds that I pulled up today.

It must be that the sap, in protest, has found itself lodged into the crevices of my nails and depths of the fingerprints.
Its bleeding lingers.

I didn't want to tear you out, dear plants, but you see, the edible chaos tower I plan to in this circular plot must be constructed.

Student feedback (toot #1) 

Filed under bonus question on final that asked students to sum up their personal experience with the Materials Science 101 that I taught:

"Intrigued and required to question understanding of reality"

Yes, yes.. facilitating this is the best part of my job : )

coffee and sleep 

Fun fact: I drink less coffee when I'm sleep deprived.

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gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 


Refer privileged students who struggle with their unawareness of this issue to _The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing_ by Casey Miller and Kate Swift, so they understand why their needlessly gendered language matters, and _The A-Z of Non-sexist Language_ by Margaret Doyle, which they can use as a thesaurus to look up their options for what to say instead of "mankind."

gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 

Ah yes. And now two separate papers with "man-made"... I forgot about that one, how silly of me!

Did I mention how I would like all the unnecessarily gendered language used at me in formal settings to go get obliterated in a dumpster fire?

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gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 

I circle yet another instance of gendered writing in my students' research essays:

This time, it's "mankind".
(Last essay saw " manpower", before that, "mankind" again, and before that, "man hours")

I suggest "humankind" and include this comment:

"less gendered language is the standard for formal writing in the 21st Century."

Funny how each kid who does this is a (white cis) male.
Not a single femme person has written this way.

Hmm. Wonder why.

teaching musings, mh, (+), pt. III 


This electricity is one of the reasons I turned down the big bucks to become an educator.

It definitely doesn't always feel worth it, but it sure does today.

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teaching musings, mh, (+), pt. II 

Also, a couple students stayed after class while I packed up, and we spent like 20 minutes discussing hackerspaces, guerilla public art with throwies, grappling with realizing that enjoying science and pursuing it is OK (as a woman), and how cool and empowering anarchist philosophies can be.

Yes. This is MSCI 101. We are engaging with the world, even after hours, and catalyzed by cool science, no less.

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teaching musings, mh, (+) 

This week was ridiculous, and incredibly taxing for reasons that include family and workload and sleep deprivation and mental health...

But at least I got to end it with teaching Materials Science 101. I swear. It is the most wonderful experience, and such an engaged classroom. The kiddos in the class give me liiiiiife!

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I love the curbcut effect. (Might have the name wrong). The idea is that when you improve accessibility for one group, it tends to help everyone. So you put those cuts into the curb for wheelchair and it also helps people moving packages with trolleys, and with strollers, etc.

New example I've found. Webcomics that put the script under the comic for people with screenreaders and such. SUDDENLY I CAN ACTUALLY FIND OLD COMICS WITH GOOGLE WHEN I WANT TO SHOW PEOPLE A SPECIFIC JOKE.

academia and racial slurs, faculty shared governance 

I kid you not.
This evening, the Faculty Senate here is going to discuss / debate whether it's OK for faculty to use racial slurs in the classroom.

I and some other faculty are showing up and attending for solidarity, because (not surprisingly) there aren't many faculty of color *left* in the Faculty Senate.

If you're not Black, you don't use the n-word. That.. uh.. shouldn't be a question in 2019?

Airport restrooms (+) 

Hey there, lovely and travelers.

I am writing to let you know that I have flown into Paine Field (PAE) for the first time, and am excited to report that every single there is single-occupancy gender-inclusive (with many accessible / family rooms).

And they also happen to be very very nice / clean.

Travel stresses me, but how amazing to have this little piece of stress lifted!

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