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#Diversity training: emotional distress ("white #fragility") in the face of challenges (#racism, U.S.) Show more

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Link 2 of 2. On faculty diversity, from 2013 commentary: why you can't expect to fix diversity by just "collecting them all". What strategies support and retain underrepresented groups?

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I find the concept of introductions very intimidating. It will probably take me a few days before I post a full one.

Until then, hello there. I will probably post intermittently and/or vent about , , , , and issues in , as well as and pop-culture cross-over and slice of life things.

But I'm really not completely sure at this point. I guess we will find out.

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‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed ‘harmful’ by American Psychological Association
– article:
'...The American Psychological Association (APA) officially labeled “traditional masculinity” as “harmful” in a new report.

The label is in the report titled “Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men,” a first of its kind for the association, which was featured in the January issue of “Monitor on Psychology” magazine.

“Traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict and negatively influence mental health and physical health,” according to an excerpt in the 36-page report...'

the .pdf report:

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One snippet: "The senior author misplaced 20 individually-housed female Chilean recluses in the laboratory for over a year..." LOL WHOOPS.

But don't worry: "when rediscovered, half of them were still alive, several looking no different than spiders fed routinely."

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airplanes and papers Show more

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Reminder to all users: Your worth is not determined by whatever you got done or didn't get done this week

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Pay attention to how many 'progressive' and 'leftist' white folks on here get hostile, personal and nasty when you don't give them a pat on the head for their ineffectual and largely self serving quasi-moralistic views and actions.

There is a reason why progress is so difficult and arduous even amongst alleged intelligent and forward thinking white identified peoples.

It's not an accident initiatives for true inclusion and diversity rarely get off the ground.

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Academic excellence Show more

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being bad at capitalism, art, bar Show more

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to everyone who has ever complained about how many punctuation marks i'm wont to put at the end of a sentence, i present this gem from the Chicago Manual of Style itself:

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Scholar Social meta Show more

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I'm a retired scientific glassblower, using digital technologies to document my lifelong learning and complete further college degrees. I perform in educational historic re-enactments and study Social Sciences, Digital Humanities, Science and the Useful Arts.


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unattended children will be given anarchist literature

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Starting a review of a paper and realized I am Reviewer #2 in the review system.

Well, that really changes everything, doesn’t it?

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Reminder: In order to be satisfactory, all tea must be brewed in compliance with ISO 3103. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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@christianp A palindrome with an even number of digits is divisible by 11.

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🐦 RT: @mc_hankins

Click here for Full Text article
Athens or Shibboleth?
Region or Group?
Select Institution
Journal homepage
Find article
Refresh page
Click for PDF
No, article
Weird PDF?
PDF in browser?
No, PDF Download
PDF? Yes

→ Access denied

😂 😭

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Academia pro-tip:

Legally change your name to put an exclamation mark at the beginning

Makes it less likely you'll have another academic with your same name; you'll also always be at the beginning of alphabetized author lists

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