Hrm. I guess it depends on what type of "useful home chemistry" we're talking about.

Are we talking cleaning-with-baking-soda-and-vingegar level? Foods that change color vs. different pHs? Flavor chemistry? Ferrofluid? Tie-dye? Fluorescent uranium glass?
Gardening? 😃

My first instinct was to just answer google / duckduckgo, because I generally start there, but probably being a specialist in the field makes it a lot easier to sort through results on a case by case basis...

@GIMcGrew Hoi! Hoi! Here! Here! :D

An aficionado but still! :D

Also check this thread for people who like chemistry ^,^


Also here ^,^!


I haven't worked at the bench, as such, for a really long time, but I did get through grad school and a post-doc position or three, depending on how you count them before switching it up.

@DialMforMara @GIMcGrew I'm already following them, but thanks for keeping an eye out for me

@GIMcGrew hi! I'm a computer scientist rather than a chemist, but I work on DNA computing and use models of nucleic acid thermodynamics to do ... weird stuff, like image search using molecules.

@GIMcGrew I'm a geologist but I love mineralogy, that counts right?

@GIMcGrew I'm married to one but that probably doesn't count. ⚛️

@GIMcGrew finished MChem three years ago, did a year in distilled spirits (largely SPME analysis of flavour.) I'm in contact with several friends finishing PhDs now. I'm interested still, but a bit out of touch.

@GIMcGrew Good question. They are not going to be the first to move from Twitter. But I'm sure they will eventually.

Research: phys chem, nanomaterials, and systems.

Teaching: Gen chem, explosives, quantum mechanics/spectroscopy, and communications.

@GIMcGrew I'm a biologist, but I do some amateur chemistry.

@GIMcGrew not a bench chemist any more, but yeppers

@GIMcGrew inorganic, materials, PV, a bit of synthesis etc

@GIMcGrew My PhD was in molecular astrophysics. I'm currently a postdoc working on photocatalytic sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Technically, I'm a molecular physicist, but I spend enough time thinking about chemistry that I'm pretty sure it still counts.

Edit – Oh wait, I see a different me has already replied to this thread.

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