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This week was ridiculous, and incredibly taxing for reasons that include family and workload and sleep deprivation and mental health...

But at least I got to end it with teaching Materials Science 101. I swear. It is the most wonderful experience, and such an engaged classroom. The kiddos in the class give me liiiiiife!

teaching musings, mh, (+), pt. II 

Also, a couple students stayed after class while I packed up, and we spent like 20 minutes discussing hackerspaces, guerilla public art with throwies, grappling with realizing that enjoying science and pursuing it is OK (as a woman), and how cool and empowering anarchist philosophies can be.

Yes. This is MSCI 101. We are engaging with the world, even after hours, and catalyzed by cool science, no less.


teaching musings, mh, (+), pt. III 


This electricity is one of the reasons I turned down the big bucks to become an educator.

It definitely doesn't always feel worth it, but it sure does today.

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