gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 

I circle yet another instance of gendered writing in my students' research essays:

This time, it's "mankind".
(Last essay saw " manpower", before that, "mankind" again, and before that, "man hours")

I suggest "humankind" and include this comment:

"less gendered language is the standard for formal writing in the 21st Century."

Funny how each kid who does this is a (white cis) male.
Not a single femme person has written this way.

Hmm. Wonder why.


gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 

Ah yes. And now two separate papers with "man-made"... I forgot about that one, how silly of me!

Did I mention how I would like all the unnecessarily gendered language used at me in formal settings to go get obliterated in a dumpster fire?

gendered writing norms in the 21st Century 


Refer privileged students who struggle with their unawareness of this issue to _The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing_ by Casey Miller and Kate Swift, so they understand why their needlessly gendered language matters, and _The A-Z of Non-sexist Language_ by Margaret Doyle, which they can use as a thesaurus to look up their options for what to say instead of "mankind."

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