gardening pest(ish) woes(ish) 1/2 

I find myself muttering under my breath, "noo, stop! Naughty potatoes, bad! Cute little potatoes!" as I find some more of the adorable little isopods - those roly-poly, pill bug, potato bug, armadilladiidae, ダンゴムシ, whatever you want to call those silly crustaceans - working outside of their regular detritus-munching comfort zone to nibble on my fresh pansies and violas.


gardening pest(ish) woes(ish) 2/2 

Those blue-blooded menaces (blue for the copper complex they use for oxygen transport) are far too cute for their own good, and I almost have to humor them in their floral meal. They are particularly fond of the dark purple petals.

Uggh, have you ever picked one up and seen the little antenna waving? The beady eyes? Those seven pairs of wiggly legs? I can't be mad!

...I finally manage to catch one; fighting back the cuteness, I gently toss it in the bushes.

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