mild graffiti on the university campus 


Laboratory casualty, humor (inanimate object) 

Welp. Today's chem lab casualty: a red pair of scissors with plastic handles. Rest in peace, dear cheap but hard-working tool.

(The 30-year-old steel ones, on the other hand, are still going strong.)

unicorn science? 

Well, now. Look what I found in the pages of Science (Nov 01 2013 edition)

It's a bit confusing:
...Who *doesn't* want their dream to come true *without* unicorns?

Small gif animation (Chemistry) 

I turned some map images from WebMO into a rotating gif.

Sure, it's highly compressed, but that makes it the perfect low-space illustration to add to the slide deck (general chemistry)!

women in STEM : Ada Lovelace Day coming up! 

Oct 09 (see thread)

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I find the concept of introductions very intimidating. It will probably take me a few days before I post a full one.

Until then, hello there. I will probably post intermittently and/or vent about , , , , and issues in , as well as and pop-culture cross-over and slice of life things.

But I'm really not completely sure at this point. I guess we will find out.

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