Productivity, lazyness, gaming 

I love gaming
I was the kind of kid who would play COD for the whole day, I love playing management games
Now with University I can't anymore
Not because I don't have the time
I just wasted 5h on bed
But I just can't fully focus on anything, there is my own hobbies that I want to play with
There is uni stuff that I must do
I need to study stuff as well
I just can't focus on the game anymore

Does anyone know any blockchain that helps with deployment of IOT, something that easily substitute Google services for Arduino or esp8266 stuff...

Climate change, president, Brazil 

My country now not only has a wannabe dictator
It also wants to finish fucking up our economy, if he was a little bit smarter I am sure he would completely succed in installing a dictatorship

I am an undergrad in chemistry in UnB Brazil
For what's worth, my project with my teacher was about 3D printing lab equipment, namely, an electrode to make a condutometric titration
We couldn't fully make it though

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