The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association published today the blog post I wrote about my research...if you are curious about what I work on and you want to discover a bit more...take a look ;)

working on a paper....I have more ideas than the one I can really write down...probably even more than the one needed for a couple of thesis - how do I unpack all of these?!?!??!!?

Being the coordinator of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) Warwick, I got the chance to collaborate with MAP Birmingham and MAP Nottingham in putting together this terrific event about Philosophy, Academia and Mental Health. If anyone is interested in attending any session, please, register at this link:

Hi everyone, I am new in mastodon so I will go for an post to say something more about me...

I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at University of Warwick (England, UK). I am interested in topics in philosophy of mind, actions and (even more) perception ❤️ My PhD thesis aims to analyse the auditory case of perceiving music...

I am also a musicians, I completed a (old system) degree and an MA in music performance in French Horn and I love to discuss anything related to art music

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