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Hi everyone, I am new in mastodon so I will go for an post to say something more about me...

I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at University of Warwick (England, UK). I am interested in topics in philosophy of mind, actions and (even more) perception ❤️ My PhD thesis aims to analyse the auditory case of perceiving music...

I am also a musicians, I completed a (old system) degree and an MA in music performance in French Horn and I love to discuss anything related to art music

Found out few minutes ago that I was commended for the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence...

not a bad sensation, not bad at all 😜 😅

Here ye Here ye

If you would like to present at the fediverse's free and absolutely volunteer run and fully interdisciplinary conference going on for its third year?
Well have I got news for you - you can

Please holler at me, DM @SummerSchool any questions you have.
Can't wait to see y'all in class 😎

If you're on the fence about applying to be a presenter at give a holler!

We'd love to have you

Which Enlightenment Era philosopher would be the worst roommate?

I think I am approaching the end of the first draft of a chapter of the thesis...I am happy, sad and bored all at the same time...😅

acts of kindness taken for granted are the best path to feel unheard, unseen and not considered ...try asking, recognising, thanking, acknowledging instead!

A colleague and friend who is conducting his research on the conception of honesty in Nietzsche's works put together a very intriguing poster at
...take a look if you are curious of reading his own aphorisms:

I had my first in person meeting at the M4C (my founding body) Research Festival of my entire PhD experience yesterday! It was very nice having the chance to meet people in person for the first time in what looks like a life time. I am very grateful to the organisers who put this together and I cannot help but overthinking about how much different my PhD experience would have been without a pandemic in the middle of it.

thinking about cases that are considered distinctive in the realm of auditory perception... what is the one reason you would think to in order to regard speech perception and listening to music as "special cases"?

also, are they really special? why?

Playing a bit of Brahms and Tchaikovsky and some other nice things with the Warwick Symphony Orchestra in a couple of weeks time...looking forwards for the concert 🙂

got my feedback and grade yesterday I can officially say I got my Postgraduate Award in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 🙂😉 ...really enjoyed the process and very looking forward to trying out new ideas in my seminars next academic year 🙂

So here we are with attempt 1 of my baking career, thanks to for the baking kit, my Victoria Sponge for the Jubilee looks like this:

New paper submitted, this time the one I was writing with @Giulia. :psyduck: :success: :ThisIsFine: :toot: :yikes:

It is very satisfying to have exactly the tool that someone needs to complete their project when they've been trying to do it without and you can help them and then everyone is happy

Had a great day on Friday sharing research and thoughts about PG realities in my department - Thanks so much to our department for supporting this, to all co-organisers, and to all my colleagues who decided to come along and enjoy philosophy together🙂

Organising a collaborative event for postgraduate students in my department with some colleagues. We have a peer-to-peer skill-sharing session. Think at the different stages of your MA/MPhil, PhD, early postdoc days. What's the most useful thing to know?

My thesis now reached a very strange point where it is simultaneously a chimera and a Theseus-ship all together...the shape is the same, but the contents match together in a very different way than the beginning...

A thing discovered during my PhD journey: how difficult it is to make someone engage with something that they are not already self-driven to ....

went to a "Creative Study Happy" activity in Library these past days... came up with some pon pons...

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