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Hi everyone, I am new in mastodon so I will go for an post to say something more about me...

I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at University of Warwick (England, UK). I am interested in topics in philosophy of mind, actions and (even more) perception ❤️ My PhD thesis aims to analyse the auditory case of perceiving music...

I am also a musicians, I completed a (old system) degree and an MA in music performance in French Horn and I love to discuss anything related to art music

got an invitation to present in the new seminar series of a network that I contributed to establish more than an year ago. I am so happy to have a venue to try out my new work in progress paper...but probably even more to see the scholars' network that I participated in flourishing with a new organising committee.

I visited a colleague in Oxford this past some views of the city on a very sunny Saturday

I was asked to referee a paper for a well-known journal this week. I acted as a referee before, but for far less established venues. Should I be happy or just consider this as ...well, another service? (I am more on being happy, but noticed different reactions among my friends)

a very interesting workshop is happening now at about social ontology of musical bands! Intriguing question: what are bands? just the mereological aggregation of their members or the formal relations that exist there?

gifts from the library while I was studying there during the weekend...

Extremely grateful for last week experience at . I am discovering just now, re-writing part of the materials, how interesting are some of the points emerged in the Q&A.

started this morning with an incredibly fascinating talk by Markus Schrenk on proprioceptive art that prompts me so many thoughts about the notion of art and the definition of sense modalities and their engagement in aesthetic context.

The main idea proposed concerns the existence of forms of art that are primarily focused on the bodily awareness/proprioception of the audience which engages with the aesthetic experience.

A big shout-out to those keynote speakers who not only deliver great talks, but also care to listen to graduates' presentations and engage in the Q&A! Extremely grateful for this experience at today!

Yesterday, I wrote the document with the new goals for next academic year for the mentoring programme I am in (the aim is to let my mentor know what I want to work/focus more on)...When I finished I took a look at the document I filled in last year...I was astonished about how that past version of me who wrote her goal for 2020/2021 sounded disoriented...

I am still in the process of realising how much I overdid everything in the past 13 months...still in the process to learn what to let go

My house move is finally over...I brought everything in the new house and started exploring the new city...

I found out that there is a Music Museum in Coventry (UK), so yesterday I went for a brief exploration...

@okf I was going to forward to you an email for this:

Knowability and the Limits of Knowledge - Workshop -

Then noticed you are the speaker of the first symposium! 👍 🥳 😅

got some new teaching allocated yesterday for next academic year... I love the module my department gave me ❤️

still a bit depressing reading online PhD forums about the fact that teaching seminars in UK and not being able to have a position that allows to design an entire module will be considered negatively in job search after the PhD...

packing for house move - part 2: why do I need all these things??? ...even more precisely: why do books always look as too few until you start packing and, at that point, they seem to multiply themselves for no reason???

Alright friends, I've hit a wall in my research so I'm throwing this out there:

Anybody got any references, stories or anecdotes about ancient/medieval mercenaries + marriage? Bonus points for true stories about down-on-their-luck or retired mercenaries & soldiering companies and what they did after the war was over?

Bonus bonus points for information about ancient war brides.

I can't get a good starting point just using search terms and it's driving me nuts.

Turning back playing the horn after a long break and some months of very sporadic, demotivated and irregular practice. So so so happy of that technical exercises and some serious study today. Just hope to keep the motivation up now

...also, forgot to toot about this before! But...

I achieved the Associate Fellow of HE status about a week ago! 🙂

The programme was very helpful for me to reflect on many aspects of Teaching in Higher Education. I spent quite a lot of time on both synchronous and asynchronous tasks of the programme in the past 6 months. So I could not be happier for the very positive feedback I received and the encouragement I got, to proceed on this path by the reviewers.

I re-wrote one of the piece of the "Narrative of Practice" required for the Associate Fellowship in HE to submit as "Critical Reflection" in this new journal that my University created to allow TAs to share they experiences.

I am not sure that my piece can really add something that is not obvious about online Teaching, but I am really enthusiastic about this new initiative proposed by the uni. Very looking forward to read more from others honestly!

Started packing for another house move....the third in three years since I started my PhD and the first was an international one.

I am sure I will miss Kenilworth, I love the castle, the park, the little city centre and all the animals in the fields surrounding the city. On the other side, I am really looking forward to leaving this flat and not having anything else to do with the current landlord.

So, overall, mixed feelings and quite a deep sense of instability....

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