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@Grabe I wonder how many times Mastodon has been proclaimed "dead" or had people angrily tell them that it's not working and meanwhile here we are, chugging along happily with nary a Nazi in sight

@KnowledgeLeak depends on the issue, but some issues such as Ryan's position that the US gives everyone the same opportunity defies what data suggest.

My cynical prediction - DACA and "the wall" will end up being considered on the same vote.

My new thing is to read children's books in the style of Donald Trump. The kids don't seem to understand why this is so fun. So fun!

The present political climate should bring opportunities to those of you with history degrees.

‪Focus on grades as insufficient feedback limits the discussion. Sometimes student comparisons are necessary. Who enters med school? I think it matters.

The present comments from Pres Trump on health care are scarce, vague and muddled. I am waiting for some indication of an awareness of the differences between his promises and what is on the table. I am guessing the "fake news" types will find recordings of his promises and play them for the American people. Making things worse is not making America great.

The health insurance crisis is pretty much a test of national character. Is there a sense of caring for others or not? The issue has been confronted and addressed elsewhere? Why not here?

We seem to be living through a strange time when being less well educated is somehow good. Is this what is meant by ignorance is bliss.

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"But if you abolish copyright on scientific publications, the journals will die!"


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A recent blog post concerning online services offering "free" educational resources

The National Enquirer, Breitbart and Fox - your sources for the Republican version of the news. Bigly without the big words.

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Was just suggested AdBlock extension for YouTube.

Please don't do this. Creators deserve compensation, however small, for their efforts.

Don't want any ads? Pay for YouTube Red. It's cheap and it's worth it.

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Carl Sagan: We face a critical branch-point in history. What we do right now will powerfully affect the destiny of our descendants.

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Birds love the feeder I put out for them so much that they go to it even if I'm just a few feet away. If I get my camera out, though, they fly off. This is the best shot I can get that isn't through a window.

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