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Question about the Masto backend for people who know more about Masto than I do 

@Lexnederbragt That's a good question

I'm the admin here but there isn't a tool on the admin panel for changing a user's username

I could go into the database manually and change the entry on the users table, but tbh I don't know if that would mess other things up, so I'm reluctant to do so


People who know more about Masto than me:

Will this bork my instance if I un-capitalize a user's name?

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We've just launched the /#Separados website v2 featuring the work of volunteer scholars responding to the ICE-led border crisis of 2018. "Follow the Money", exposes the financial world of criminalizing free movement. xpmethod.plaintext.in/torn-apa

I'm Rachel Hendery, Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at Western Sydney University in Australia. @RHendery on Twitter. I'm a linguist by background. I've been lurking on Mastodon for a while now but thought I'd time to try posting here occasionally and see if it sticks

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