Question for researchers: I'm trying to use fewer G👀gle services. How could I change my search habits to replace G👀gle Sch :googlyeye: lar?

Hi all, I'm Henry (not really) a 40+ sort of data analyst in a related organization. I am about to submit my Thesis in that deals with Reef Fish diversity temporal fluctuations. Formerly an Environmental Engineer , I decided a few years ago to call it quits and become an . I can program in and I yearn for international cooperative volunteering in my field. If you know of any opportunities for such things, let me know pls !

relaxed breathing session inspired by an animal that breaths 300 times a minute *at rest* ? Shut up and take my money !


What is the best social network for researchers and scientists to share publications, exchange experiences and discuss? Which platform has great experience and good outreach?

#ResearchGate #AcademiaEdu #GoogleScholar #Mendeley ...

#question #askfediverse #followerpower #ORCID #Zotero #research #SocialNetwork #academia

Life-hack advice of the day for researchers who use #R :

Anyone who writes stuff in #Rmarkdown in #RStudio that uses citations should use the "citr" #RStudio add-in with #Zotero + Better BibTeX extension for Zotero. I cannot stress how useful this tool is. It's like the Zotero add-in for Word or LibreOffice Writer, except it works with RStudio.

It's a travesty that it's not on CRAN.

'it's not your elected representatives' job to represent you & you owe it to them to continue voting for them so they can continue not representing you' edges closer and closer to being the explicit mainstream liberal line

The French journal Politis publishes a long article about the need for scientists to take a stand against political inaction. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #science

"I went back to warn them, but they already knew and didn't seem to care."

Hitting "Remote Only" will eliminate redundant identical posts when viewing both the Federated and the Local Timelines #feditips #טיפים

Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

Any recommendations for web games that don't require sound to play in the office when it's boring?

Trying out #whalebird , A cool desktop #client for mastodon, pleroma with a slack-like interface supporting multiple instances. developer: @h3poteto

The coming decades will not only be hotter, but sicker. Ecologists predict that global warming increases encounters between species capable of swapping #pathogen. The number of such encounters will double by 2070, creating #virus transmission hotspots. #science #biology #ecology #health #globalwarming #climatecrisis #climatechange.
📄 Gilbert (2022) Climate change will force new animal encounters — and boost viral outbreaks. Nature

asking for your inforgraphics advice 

What's the number one thing you do not understand about my chart ?

what would you change ?

need help with statistical analyses ? 

Know someone that needs help with #statistical analyses and interpretation ? Now accepting gigs. I'm almost a graduate with M.Sc. in Ecology and was a teaching assistant in a graduate program's English course in #biostatistics. Super sexy prices for mastodoners and their first few referrals. Work in #R, #JMP, and #SPSS if you insist

#boost like the wind

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