If the reason is "annoy the records manager/digipres person who has to migrate them into a CMS", well, Well Done, Guys

I am sure there is a reason these e-records were given filenames with 155 characters, at minimum 12 of which are . I just can't fathom what that reason is

This CD sounds like it is winding up my computer to violently explode, AND I can't view the files, I am very against both of those things

Neighborhood FB is now arguing about how many teenagers actually ate Tide Pods and if statistics are real. I... I cannot

My office has a Door Plate! still no actual *door*, but baby steps!

Do I need to point out that I am basically a squish compared to lots of people , which makes said Reputation a source of much amusement to myself? Naaah.

As in so many things in my life, if my family knew how much of this impulse is the leaking-around-the-edges of what I would *like* to say to people, they wouldn't be seen with me in public

Apparently I have A Reputation about things like that amongst members of my (otherwise liberal!) family? NGL, not too broken up about it

TIL (well, yesterday) that the guy who runs the model train show we took G. to on Saturday had his NRA membership card on display, and my dad/brother deliberately steered me away from seeing it

Like, preeeeeettty sure it's harder for kids in that mental place to do something bad with a gun if it's harder for them to get a gun. Not sure why this is difficult for people

People still beating the "don't walk out, make friends with the bullied kids who might shoot up the school instead." You...can...do...both?

The second commenter here is going to need an aloe PLANTATION to manage the burn she received from commenter #3. Who is my hero for the day

Me when it is 45 degrees and sunny in Wisconsin

C. lupus bodacious in its natural habitat. Due to its extreme phototropism scientists are unsure whether to classify it as a dog or as a mobile plant

BONUS DISPATCH: "any student who walks out is ruining their educational life and can at best hope to be an unemployed liberal arts major"

DISPATCH FROM NEIGHBORHOOD FB, SPECIAL STUDENT WALKOUT DAY EDITION: "protests must have an immediate, material effect on policy or they are pointless"

"DoD 5015.2: The only certification for Records Management Software." Unstated in this webinar title: "Muahaha you have no choice but to comply"

Ooh, new fun I-am-boiling-over-with-rage email phrase, "I am curious as to the reason for [X]". Going to have to keep that one in my back pocket for later

Like I'd understand it if they were trying to gather support for an anti-streetcar mayoral--he got creamed? Well, maybe they want a referend--not enough sigs to make the ballot you say? 🤔🤔🤔

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