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FUN MILWAUKEE TRANSIT FACT: Came across a hot take about a streetcar in Milwaukee from 1993, entitled "Transit Vision 2020". Hurray guys, we beat the deadline!

HOT TAKE:The Labo is actually a really cool concept and that people who are bashing it are fun-haters. Don't @ me.

Oooh! Maybe the NYT can rerun their "struggling to get by on 6 figures" story, but update it to "struggling to get by on 8 figures", that would nauseate me similarly. Maybe

Trying to think of a feature in a mainstream news vehicle that I would like to read *less* than an editorial section full of Trash Midas supporters. Struggling mightily.

One of my friends on FB is a state legislator and the crap he gets on even his personal feed is a great example of "why Brad will never run for office"

How have I not seen this from my timeline on this, Ben Franklin's birthday? I expect better, Libarch Hamiltonians.

Spoken like a true older white guy who has never lived paycheck to paycheck in his hyper-privileged life.

OVERHEARD HOT TAKE, STARBUCKS EDITION: "A govt shutdown is no big deal because, like, the national parks close and employees get back pay, so they're paid for sitting at home"

I'm honored, Google, but honestly I can only aspire to that level of beard awesomeness

When you're making words for your kid who has a very particular set of interests

God bless the ignorance of youth, G is too young to have noticed that his grilled cheese sammich was similarly inauthentic. But man, WARN people.

MFW I discover one bite in that the "cheese" in the sandwich I just ordered is actually soy "cheese"


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Hi everyone, I have been lured on here so I'll attempt to introduce myself.

I'm Katy. I'm an #archivist and #rarebook #librarian in Philadelphia, a mom to a teen boy, and in all of my abundant spare time I write #poetry, #fanfic (mostly romantic #doctorwho), and I'm trying to write an actual historical #romance novella. I also love #knitting, #football, #hockey, #yoga, and #running. Oh, and on twitter I'm lemurchild, if anyone's over there.

#libraries #librarian #archives #introductions

Data/Records Management sessions under consideration for are 🔥🔥🔥

Archives-types, what Mastodon instances should I be looking at? Set up an account at but I feel like I'm missing a big chunk

DLW: " did you know that?" "Because OBVIOUSLY, dear"

G: "I wanna space grizzly!" DLW: "I don't know what that is." B: "He means a Wookiee." G: "Yeah! *makes toddler Wookiee sound*" (1/2)

("Send me your FOI requests" being possibly the most obvious tell re my Archives background, and also no small source of consternation from the lawyers 😇 )

Oh, me? I'm a records manager (and archivist, though technically not the latter at the moment) from Milwaukee, WI, transitioning into municipal records after a decade of higher education records work. Send me your FOI requests!