The image attached shows the winter landscape where the greyish - blue sky is dominant over the primarily red land with a touch of green. The line of the horizon is placed on the very bottom of the pictures following the rule of thirds.

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Doing photography or any other kind of art, especially image making may help you understand what you see in the museum. The art-making may not only be relaxing but it also teaches you the basics of image making such as perspective, colour, light and shadows. Other crafts may in turn prove helpful when dealing with ancient craftsmanship, such as jewelry, or pottery.

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@Historystudentlife If you were to recommend a work of Viking art from this period to a curious internet stranger, what would it be?

Also welcome to the fediverse. That too :3

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Hello to all the new friends who joined recently

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The winter lasted for less than a day, yet, I still managed to make a few photos. Also, I do a lot of landscape and nature photos, but I'm not in any way professional. Still, I love it and I will share my works 💙

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open access publishing in philosophy 

I think that I will attend this online workshop on open access publishing in philosophy:

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Grounded theory 

My advisor said I should research grounded theory so i am reading about it and apparently it advocates for conducting literature review after developing an independent analysis

Which is great because it vindicates my procrastination and the fact that I haven't done a literature review yet lol

Honestly having permission to go ahead and do analysis without having to do a whole literature review first will definitely be helpful

Hello everyone, I'm Anastasija.

I study the relationship between migration and art in the medieval period. Currently I'm working on the period of Vikings era, between 8th and 11th century.

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