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Re- , since my first one was over a year and two careers ago. I'm an instructional technology consultant at a Big 10 school. I started 2 weeks ago & I love it so far- it's a tech team full of humanities people.

My MS is in library science, MEd in curriculum & instruction, BA is English and Journalism. I've worked in public and academic libraries lately and spent 12 years teaching high school English and journalism. Married to a sociologist and have a 9 year old and a 13 year old.

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My plans this week are to test out textbook creation/ modification on Pressbooks and Top Hat Textbook. Does anyone have suggestions for public domain or creative commons texts that would be good to play with - especially from you field, but fun ones, too? (broad definition of text - anything, any medium that might be useful in class or research). I've been using a couple 19th century cookbooks so far, but I'm hitting a point where I want to branch out beyond basic tests.

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I want to help with the follow up study about whether cars know their names where you see if cats recognize their nicknames in silly voices. Also can they tell the difference between their song and the dogs' song?

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Hey, people of Mastodon! One of my friends just failed a class (after working her ass off to pass it). She's feeling pretty low, and wondering what's going to be open to her now. I've reassured her that failure is not the end of the world, because I failed, but I'm not sure she believes me.

If you've ever failed at something, big or small, only to succeed later, would you mind sharing your story? I want to show her it's okay.

Boosts welcomed. Thank you!


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Kid B has gone from interrupting me writing to tell me about his Legos to reading my writing over my shoulder and commenting on it.

I really like my team at work, and I'm starting to dig into an interesting project, but I still think the best part of my new job may be the location. Like that's the worst part, too, because ridiculous commute, but it's to downtown Iowa City, and that is the very best. I'm going to start visiting the giant sloth on my lunch breaks.

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