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I'm giving a 10 minute presentation to a faculty group on how can be helpful and how I can help them find OER. Hence the uptick in talking to myself lately. I'm certain it will go fine, but I'm thinking I need to run through it again.

Anyone else have to close their office doors so they can talk to themselves?

The hidden crisis on college campuses: 36 percent of students don’t have enough to eat

I wish there was more info on retention and grades, but this is an issue my private liberal arts college is discussing - how to help students who don't have money for food or books.

There needs to be a horror series about a monster that follows people through Google Docs. "Whatever you do, ignore the comments by Anonymous Lemur" "But I turned comments off...wait...NOOOOO!"

WVIK is on a maritime kick this afternoon. I could switch to Iowa Public Radio, but I listened to them this morning, and I want to be fair. you know what, though? maritime all Monday isn't fair, either.

I'm looking for suggestions for internet radio stations. I've been doing local NPR classical, but I think I need to mix it up - anything that goes well with researching library policies?

Today's acronym is BEAM. I think I understand it, I even think I like it, but can I'm still figuring out how to make it useful to undergrads.

Back to my OER research - I'm wondering if a thoughtful conversation early about important resources, paid or not is helpful. We want to teach students that it's good to build a library of useful resources or subscribe to worthwhile periodicals. But I just told my kid she has to get books from the library until payday, so I understand being budget conscious.

Other adventures in info literacy: I found out that if you talk about Google Scholar and RefWorks on the same day, you have to explain to a bunch of sad first year students that RefWorks can't suck metadata from a PDF and they have to enter it in by hand. I would totally trade Google Scholar in for a chance to pet one of the barking service dogs.

My college has a program where students can volunteer to train service dogs, so the chances that there's a half trained golden retriever barking in the middle of an info literacy session are decent. They never bark more than a couple times, so it is pretty much the best.

For fun The Moon Palace by Weina Dai Randel (so far so soapy. I'm loving it. )

For work Just Enough Research by Erika Hall - and now I'm wanting to rope students into doing ux research so we can decide if we should get LibGuides.

My spring break ended two weeks ago. Spouse's spring break was last week. Kids' spring break is this week. I really feel like there has to be an easier way.

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neato! Peter Adamson's History of Philosophy is increasingly living up to its ("without any gaps") subtitle:

Africana philosophy is coming soon!


subjects to include:
Introducing Africana Philosophy

Early Philosophy in Ethiopia

Islamic Philosophy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Philosophy in African Oral Traditions

African Philosophy of Time

God in African Philosophy

African Philosophy of the Person

Communalism in African Ethics and Politics

@thelibrarian Thank you! We're meeting with interested faculty tomorrow, and I will likely have questions after that. Right now I'm hearing more "Free textbooks" than, "Let's rethink what textbooks are," but I'm always a sucker for a "Let's rethink ______" project.

I'm researching Open Educational Resources as alternatives to textbooks this week. It's so interesting, and I'm not sure how this would work for my college.

"Chill at least 4 hours or over night" means "It's pry been an hour, I bet it's good" right?

Just sent in my last book orders (lots of Romance, maybe 20 100s) for my public library job. And tomorrow is my last day as a , at least for a while.

I start my first academic librarian job tomorrow - it's a temporary position focusing on helping undergrads with research. I've really enjoyed working in a public library, but this is so much more my jam, even if it doesn't involve spending taxpayer money on romance novels.