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Holly @[email protected]

Okay, this presentation prompt is actually pretty exciting.

My 6th grader working on arts school application: I don't want to do this, whine whine whine.
Me: Just answer the questions and go back to edit. It will be fine.
Also me, working on presentation for an interview: I don't want to do this, whine, whine, whine.

Crazy day at work, I'm expecting a call, and the phone starts ringing while I'm helping someone. I try to both ignore it and subtly speed up my interaction and the phone keeps on ringing. I finally finish up, pick up the phone and the person at the other end goes, "Do you have any recipes for cabbage?" (Lesson learned: professional types will probably hang up after a few rings. Some patrons will not.)

Reason 18 for why I can't return to secondary education: I would replace To Kill a Mockingbird with Mockingbird, Vol 2.

Anyone doing any personal reading over break? Or get any good books for the holidays?

Hi everyone! I'm a community engagement and learning librarian at a public library in Iowa (since July) and former secondary journalism/English teacher. I have an MEd in curriculum and instruction, and MS in Library and Information Sciences. I'm currently in charge of collection development for romance and the 100s (philosophy, the paranormal and self help) and my department is looking for adult programming ideas - both education and entertainment oriented.

This is my first year since 1985 that I am not a student or instructor. It feels weird that everyone around me is grading and I'm not worried about getting caught up or what my grades will be. Weird as in amazing.