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Re- , since my first one was over a year and two careers ago. I'm an instructional technology consultant at a Big 10 school. I started 2 weeks ago & I love it so far- it's a tech team full of humanities people.

My MS is in library science, MEd in curriculum & instruction, BA is English and Journalism. I've worked in public and academic libraries lately and spent 12 years teaching high school English and journalism. Married to a sociologist and have a 9 year old and a 13 year old.

And now I'm working with a technology shift that will leave students grumbling (new student response systems, there will be trial and error and students have to shell out $55 for a license) and I'm wondering how much benefit of the doubt the professors using this will get - and whether some can afford it more than others.

Got to talking about best teaching practices and whether some are more effective/ seen as more effective depending on professor demographics. I definitely remember getting advice from HS admin (mostly guys) on how to keep kids in line that didn't consider how sexism impacts student behavior (or school policy.)

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I love campus tours because every building has its own creation myth. The sociology building is H shaped because when it was the hospital they could keep the contagious on one side and the noncontagious on the other. Everything from the 70s has tiny windows and halls to be riot proof. "It seemed like a good idea in the 90s."

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My 10 year old is starting to cook more on his own, and that's the fifth time I've had to turn the fire alarm off this week. Admittedly, time #2 was me cooking.

In related news one if the new people coming to my team has a STEM background, and I think that will be really good for us. I love being on a tech team full of humanities people, but it makes it hard to test some stuff.

A huge part of my job is testing educational software and I've run into two situations this week where it would have helped to know enough about LaTeX to really test it. Any suggestions for good places to learn more?

Also does anyone recommend resources on relearning algebra. I remember liking it in 1994 and my oldest starts it this fall - being able to test basic stuff at work and being a good role model would be cool.

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Toot about the devil and he shall change his default gradebook settings. (ah! just noticed an earlier version had FB instead of grade book. The day I have to train professors on FB settings (though now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure i did that once at the library school help desk.)

What have your experiences with student response systems/clickers/in class polling/etc been? From either the student or the instructor side? (I'm working with them a ton this summer.)

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Ed Tech Policy Research 

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Now I want to know how all of the languages do all of the the tenses and what verb tenses are we missing that other ones do better.

The History of English Podcast has gotten to Chaucer and the latest episode is about verb tenses and my mind is so blown. Of course being able to say, "We've been doing this for this long" is a weird complicated thing that took time to develop. But I never thought about it that way.

A friend just reminded me that Trekfest in coming up this weekend, and I totally forgot - I haven't been in forever. Anyhow - this is how Captain James T Kirk's hometown celebrates his birthday - it is the most Iowa thing ever.

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