Big Data in the Cafeteria 

There's a story in the Chronicle today about Iowa using big data to tracking cafeteria swipes to see if students seem to be eating with friends and how having friends to eat with correlates with graduating. And that's an interesting finding - how the university can engineer college to be more social (article quoted someone critiquing apartment style dorms as popular but bad for students.)

Big Data in the Cafeteria - nostalgia 

And I'm both intrigued and concerned about the whole big data thing. But that's how I met my husband - going to the cafeteria with my roommate who ran into the weirdos from the honors floor she watched anime with. We got in an argument, and he still claims he had no memory of this, but the time he remembers meeting me, I remember thinking, "Great, it's that asshole from the cafeteria" and was surprised he didn't hold a grudge.

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Big Data in the Cafeteria - nostalgia 

@Holly Could you link to the article? I'm intrigued.

Big Data in the Cafeteria - nostalgia 

@eleanorkonik It's premium :( and i can't find the original findings - I want to look at them, too.

Big Data in the Cafeteria - nostalgia 

@Holly bummer! Thanks for sharing regardless though :)

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