Terrible ideas that must not be tried in practice 

@ansugeisler Didn't they try that in The Matrix?

Stupid Sci-Fi Film Premise 

@qcat Also they already made that movie and called it Fern Gully.

@alpine_thistle I'm just back from a failed library trip over my lunch break in the snow. Best way to honor veterans is to give them (and me) access to libraries on all Mondays.

@dajbelshaw I'm seeing that a lot - and seeing a lot of interesting applications and "lo and behold just adding badges to a class without changing anything doesn't change anything." It's a back back burner project for my team right now, so I'm trying to see what others are doing with it..

Reading up on digital badges and recent study found students were reluctant to share badges because they didn't think the work they did to get them was good enough to show public/potential employers.

Cheng, Z., Richardson, J. C., & Newby, T. J. (2019). Using digital badges as goal-setting facilitators: A multiple case study. Journal of Computing in Higher Education. doi.org/10.1007/s12528-019-092

This is blowing my mind - study is on goal setting, but I'm thinking we're hitting imposter syndrome.

@noctiluca I'm pretty sure it was originally someone's website that was once free - the rest of that page is really school specific. I feel like if you are getting into the textbook business, then edit your textbooks. It's the worst of the lot, but the best isn't better than many OER on that topic.

I work with a vendor that is moving into interactive textbooks - buy the student response system to access the textbook, then buy the textbook. Checking out Eng Comp books and the first assignment in the first book is to email the author of Writing for College thanking him for making his book available for free. This has to sit well with students who just spent $20 on the license and $46 on the book that's supplement to the free book.

What type of media/or lack of do you use while working? 

@Cyborgneticz I like radio. I do nts.live/ when there's something good on, KMFH (player.listenlive.co/62541)on rare occasions because it's run out of my in laws' basement, and afternoons are wvik.org because I love trashy classical and hating the banter keeps me going.

reading speed tips? 

@logarithmic_function We were steered towards "How to Read for grad school" - which helped me a bunch. it's geared towards library school, where research skews social science, so results may vary, but read as much as possible, read strategically, and when low on time, it's better to read parts of everything than the entirety of only one thing. miriamsweeney.net/2012/06/20/r

Like not how to job hunt, but the emotions around it. Anyhow, three jobs later, I'm in a good place. Not a library place, but I'm pretty content with that.

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I was interviewed for a study on job hunting in library land about 18 months ago and now it's an article in In the Library with a Lead Pipe. I'm pretty sure I'm quoted in it (the last quote about the temporary librarian.) It makes some good points about job hunting. inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.or

@turtlebirb@radical.town Then there's Margery Kempe.

@LadyMargaret And there's angst and drama and family secrets but Alyssa Cole's Reluctant Royals series is so, so good. And yeah half the characters have jobs like Prince of madre up West African nation, but then there's a novella about creating an escape room for an anime con.

@LadyMargaret Maybe check out Jasmine Guillory or Talia Hibbert.

I emailed ~700 students yesterday telling them they are not eligible for a rebate from the student response system company. ~500 actually did qualify, I just got a little copy happy. I couldn't send out a correction for ten minutes because the calls were coming in. Most of the crisis averted, I only have three emails come in after I got off work.

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I'm looking for writing (academic and non) about how ecologists use language like "invasion" and such that mirrors xenophobic and fascist language about people and how this can be a problem.

Boosts welcome

Pedagogy question 

@Cyborgneticz It sounds like it's could be fun and get students thinking in different ways.

I heard about Riipen yesterday - it looks like Upwork, but for businesses to partner with students on projects. I'm trying to decide if I'm just overly suspicious of all ed tech in general or is this one sounds extra sketchy. At least they don't charge students directly (they charge schools and businesses.)

I may have to dig around.

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