Hello, this is a blogish apparatus about theory + praxis in the social sciences and humanities in form.

We tweet...errr...toot--many things.

The editor has a background in anthropology, philosophy, and semiotics.

We also exist still on twitter at

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@bgcarlisle oh i'm so totally into star trek i just wrote a paper about discovery that just got finished revising for pubication Hiiiiiii

@IFLTheory What? Yes!

I have opinions on Star Trek too haha:

Is your paper up somewhere I can see it? I want ALL the Trek scholarship

@bgcarlisle it will be up on The Geek Anthropologist soon, I will be trying to shout into the void about it once it is out lolol :p.

I fucking love theory also. I'm a sociologist. You're awesome!

this course might help you get a survey:
there is another good open source one floating around but i cannot find the link right this second, i will shoot it to you when i do.

for some theory sort of coming out of the various paradigms related to the umbrella i would also check out

if it is some philosophy just coming out of the domain of digital media and humanities and so on you are interested in in addition to methodology, i also recommend ian bogost-- his twitter is great--and so is 'alien phenomenology'

@IFLTheory Hey! Studying #anthropology radicalized me far beyond what any of my teachers probably would be able to admit they were going for, but I suspect this is where they were expecting/hoping I'd go.

I glad I got into social justice stuff instead of going to grad school though. The white kids from my school who went into grad school didn't come out very intersectionally knowledgeable in a practical way so I feel like I dodged a bullet there. But anthro gave me a good start!

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