I wonder what the organizers of SIPS think of this?

"How much hostility did I receive when I mentioned the accuracy of gender stereotypes or researchers ignoring evidence contesting left narratives, and the like? None."


Hi scholar.social! 👋 I'm a MSc student in & at University of . 🎓 My BA was in , and I'm particularly interested in language/cognition intersections, language evolution & computational models. 🧠👩‍💻 I'm currently doing my first research project on vocal learning and turn-taking in grey seal pups! 🤓 I also like teaching introductory programming and am interested in open science & education in general 👾✊

Holy shit, you all! Thank you!


> 100 comp cog modelers! 🤯


Please continue to boost and add: queer ppl, disabled ppl, gender minorities, ethnic minorities, neuroatypical ppl, & whoever else I'm forgetting — all minorities in modeling. 💞

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exponential growth, combinatorial explosion 

Just sharing this here for fun: irisvanrooijcogsci.com/2018/08

If water lilies double every day, how large is the surface they cover after 60 days? scholar.social/media/g4fz4WZ1c

Sometimes I see toots I wish I could tweet. Is it possible and/or not done?

Hey dudes of Mastodon! Can you leave the mansplaining on those other sites and not bring it here? It's easy! When you see a post from a woman you don't know:
✔️ Be friendly or insightful. Both is better!
✔️ Assume she knows the subject, even if you think she just made an error
✔️ Ask good-faith questions about her context
✔️ "Yes! And..."
❎ Neg
❎ Give unsolicited advice
❎ Act like she knows nothing about the subject
❎ Presume she wants to (or has any responsibility to) debate you.

Gender, “Lean in”, Systemic Oppression 

Some participants read or listened to "DIY messages, which emphasized that women can act more ambitiously, speak more confidently, demand a seat at the table, and take more risks."

Others heard messages about "structural and societal factors, such as discrimination."

"People who read or listened to the DIY messages were ... also more likely to believe that women are responsible for the problem — both for causing it, and for fixing it.”

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It’s not data ethics, it’s ethics.

It’s not data privacy, it’s privacy.

It’s not digital rights, it’s human rights in the digital/networked age.

Let’s make sure we keep the focus on what’s important and not allow well-understood terms, concepts, and existing rights to be redefined by those with vested interests in clouding* the conversation and eroding our human rights by backdooring in a new set of lesser rights for the digital/networked aspects of our selves.

* See what I did there? 😛

Academic mansplaining 

As a pro-tip:

If you get called out for mansplaining or something like this, the worst thing you can do is double-down and try to defend yourself

It's okay to just say "Oh, sorry! I'll do better next time"

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Academic mansplaining 

Hi scholar.social

This is something that the men on this instance need to think through very clearly


We have a lot of very smart and qualified and intelligent men who are often actually teachers on this instance, and so if we're not careful and proactive about thinking on this topic, we might slide into doing this easily

(I'm sure I've done this myself, if I'm honest)

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with @t4techNYC@twitter.com and @thisismetis@twitter.com


Hi I’m Iris, a computational cognitive scientist living in The Netherlands. I’m interested in discussions of the theoretical foundations of explanations in cognitive science. I’m particularly fascinated by the apparent intractablity of domain-general human cognition. I use a mix of conceptual analysis, formal modeling, complexity analyses, and computer simulations for my research.

Homepage: irisvanrooijcogsci.com

Hi Scholar.social! 👋

I and Christina Bergmann created compcog.science for keeping a list of of minority computational cognitive modellers/scientists.

There's very few of us and we want to know who's out there!

Please boost to get more names! ☺️

Ok, I’m here. Going to give tooting a try!

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