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“Absence of pscyhoneurotic illness may be health, but it is not life...We are poor indeed if we are only sane”, Donald Winnicott.

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@citrustwee I think it refers to the countries that used to be in the Soviet Union

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**Protests flare in India at eviction of a million forest families**

"Hundreds of indigenous people waved flags and shouted slogans in eastern India on Monday to protest against an order to evict more than one million indigenous families accused of encroaching on forest lands, witness…"


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君子和而不同, 小人同而不和 Analects, 13:23
The exemplary person is in harmony with others but not the same as them. The person of narrow view is the same as others but not in harmony with them.

“Just because a buzzard sits on the roof of a temple, it doesn’t become an eagle”. oOd sanskrit proverb

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Reading about Whitehead’s account of the doctrine of ‘simple location’ (this, here, now defines concrete identity/reality )as the assumption of western philosophy both pre and post enlightenment. How consequent problem of universals has entangled us.

“More boldly, I would claim that a critique of any philosophical position is really a failure of nerve and imagination, of subjecting oneself to the alterations in one's implicit framing notions of legitimacy that would be required to make it plausible.” Ziporyn, cont’d

“Critiques of hegemony only establish the hegemony of the critique”
Brook ziporyn, in ironies of oneness and difference

Let the wild rumpus begin...as Maurice Sendak said....Halifax in snow. For the moment!

The crest designed by my men’s group—traitors of the patriarchy...
Ps. That’s Ferdinand the Bull

Kenneth Boulding from “The Economics of the coming Spaceship Earth”, 1966 !
“The closed earth of the future requires economic principles which are somewhat different from those of the open earth of the past. I am tempted to call the open economy the "cowboy economy," The closed economy of the future might similarly be called the "spaceman" economy, in which the earth has become a single spaceship,..”

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