Well it took 8 months under review and probably 30 months in total, but I'm finally published!

Me - "the wealthy and powerful conspire to keep you a paycheck from poverty!"

Rando - "yeah!"

Me - "the system is designed in such a fashion that you will never be compensated equivalently to what you produce so that those who employ you will always be compensated greater than what they produce"

Rando -"and Epstein didn't kill himself!"

Me - "well yeah I mean. Maybe. Definitely sketchy af"

Rando - "And Trump is a prophet sent by the Christian God to save America"

Me - "oh no"

On the other hand I just reviewed an article for APSR and was pleasantly surprised with how good the article was. Feels rare that you get to review an article that's already really darn good

Sixty three days and still waiting to get back an R&R decision where both reviewers initially gave us 'minor revisions'. Come on, y'all just accept the damn thing already

"Simone Biles let her team down by not competing. Her decision affected others." - says unvaccinated man

Replace captchas with sokobans

Computers can still solve them but maybe it'll keep dump people out

President releases an extrajudicial political prisoner from overseas torture camp who had been held for nearly two decades without trial.

"Bro I'm bored"


"Wanna fuck with Cuba?"

"Lmao yeah"

-the Biden admin, probably


I got drunk at brunch and I don't know if I have the strength to stay drunk through bedtime to stave off the waking hangover

It should be punishable by death to play "Manic Monday" on any day other than Monday.

Please elect me president

Academic jokes that are not original should be cited in the style most appropriate to the area of study from which they derive their humor.

my wife just walked in and asked "are you looking up weird elephants instead of working?" The answer is yes

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