Yes, 'darkle' is the opposite and complement of 'sparkle' and I will not be negotiated down from this position.

Tell me about your submissions and resubmissions! I just got back an R&R, just sent back an R&R and submitted another article about fifteen minutes ago.

The most recent one was an adventure in a quantitative scholar writing a piece on Marx's human emancipation sooooooo that was new.

Let's share in our success, anxiety, failure and caffeine consumption. &R

do you think that the Great Vowel Shift was perceived at the time the same way we perceive "uwu wat a kyut smol drrgnn gorl im gonna boop yr snoot" or

lol @ todl instead of told. Okay so maybe my grammar is poor

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Submitted my R&R another R&R! If I'm this elated over being todl my paper needs significant revision I will likely actually cry when it gets into print.

Too political 

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Aesthetic Idea 

Aesthetic Idea 

Paper Idea 

The best thing about being a Reddit mod is banning racists and sexists tbh

I tried searching for information on the LaTeX package "strip". Turns out "latex strip" doesn't work for searching online.

And we're under review (blurred out the title for peer review purposes but if you're actually interested in what it's about DM me)

This is super cute. Neat little tool to teach central-limit theorem to students. Could be a cute gift for any stats person in your life (or for yourself if that stats person is you).

The dumbest thing I've ever done in my life was assume that Aquaman wouldn't be complete shit like most every other DC movie.

If you submit a review for a paper and all it says is, "We already know this" (or something similar) but don't provide citations you should be banned from reviewing papers.

If we already knew this, do you think I'd've written it ya twit? Why don't you check my lit review where it shows the existing research _doesn't_ already know this.


(Reviewer 2 recommended R&R with minor revisions....)

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