Harry Potter and the placement of wealth in offshore bank accounts in Ireland

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If in person meetings that could've been emails weren't bad enough, Zoom meetings that should've been emails are absolute hell on Earth

How to find and ID cool birds:

- keep an eye out for people with binoculars or very long camera lenses looking at trees/water. The more people, the cooler the bird
- ask them what the bird is

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Yes, 'darkle' is the opposite and complement of 'sparkle' and I will not be negotiated down from this position.

Tell me about your submissions and resubmissions! I just got back an R&R, just sent back an R&R and submitted another article about fifteen minutes ago.

The most recent one was an adventure in a quantitative scholar writing a piece on Marx's human emancipation sooooooo that was new.

Let's share in our success, anxiety, failure and caffeine consumption. &R

do you think that the Great Vowel Shift was perceived at the time the same way we perceive "uwu wat a kyut smol drrgnn gorl im gonna boop yr snoot" or

lol @ todl instead of told. Okay so maybe my grammar is poor

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Submitted my R&R and.....got another R&R! If I'm this elated over being todl my paper needs significant revision I will likely actually cry when it gets into print.

Too political 

„The exposure of prominent male feminists as hypocritical jerks in their private lives happens so often that it’s not just a familiar narrative, but an SNL punchline.“ Kat Rosenfield‘s marvellous piece in the “good guys” in times of . tabletmag.com/jewish-life-and-

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Aesthetic Idea 

Bonus points if you convince someone Jim Carrey died after the role in 2001

Aesthetic Idea 

All the "oh my god the Joker role killed him" lore for Heath Ledger, but instead it's Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

Paper Idea 

Is there just a chain of mailmen delivering mail to other mailmen? I guess a P.O. Box could in theory break the chain...

The best thing about being a Reddit mod is banning racists and sexists tbh

I tried searching for information on the LaTeX package "strip". Turns out "latex strip" doesn't work for searching online.

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