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Hello, I am interested in linguistics, electromagnetics, propulsion and ancient religions. Degrees in law, history, and philosophy. Science Fiction & Fantasy author, freelance lawyer and history teacher. Looking to make some connections and flesh out my RSS reader with interesting sources of articles on the above subjects.

Especially interested in good novels and articles about , from both a hard science and a wild-speculation or historic perspective.

When Seattle made start times for middle and high schools later, students got an average of 34 more minutes of sleep, grades improved, and tardiness and absences decreased, a study found.

@Cyborgneticz Also, I cite this in my thesis and have issues with it, but it's a phenomenological approach to 4chan:

Don’t suppose anyone on the fedverse can help me out?

I’m looking for a comic about being pigeonholed as a gay/queer artist/comic creator.

The comic had an artist try to draw other subjects, but they all ended up phalic or him drawing his boyfriend. It was in black and white.

This is for a uni project and would make an amazing reference. I can’t remeber that artist name sadly.

Boosts are okay!


Of course, as I’d like to avoid debt - if anyone would like to help out and get a wee bit of arty goodness (prices USD); I do illustrations, pet/people portraits:

Lil watercolour illustrations $25-100
Digital portraits (like the dog, tho that’s a bit unfinished) $125-200
Oil portraits $200-600 (on paper, would be shipped to you rolled up)

The canvas paintings in the photo are for sale too; large canvas pieces will cost a bit more tho, and shipping would be a lot on top of that.

Does anybody know of a good, low-tech way to back up a slack instance into a human-readable web interface? looks like it might work but it is way beyond my current level of expertise, and I'm having difficulty telling what actually DOES. But while my slack team is chatty, we're not an enterprise group, and I can't see our way to paying $5/mo/user.

I'll consider the #fediverse a success when corporate social media sites start adding ActivityPub support to allow following/sharing from other networks, in order to stay relevant

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so there are 2 WordPress plugins to give blogs an activityPub feed people can subscribe to.

however, neither of them explain what address users would need to enter to follow them.

anyone figure them out?

#wordpress #activitypub #fediverse #askmastodon

I’ve been reading the Peloponnesian War off and on since May, and I just realized that I’m on the last summer Thucydides wrote before he kicked it. 😅

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I visited Universal Studios for the first time since 1994, and I have to say that it was an incredibly surreal experience. All the worst parts of the Vegas hotel aesthetic in terms of small chunks of real estate pretending to be another city with genuine culture, jarringly juxtaposed against cartoons of varying decades and popularity levels, with occasional sub-par rides and standard-fare theme park restaurants and shops.

Why is this so popular? Even as a kid I was disappointed.

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Have any of you read anything that deals with that the persuasiveness of an or idea can be partly accounted for by how novel, interesting, or powerful it is/would be if it were true?

This is something that is not accounted for by the traditional notion that ethos, logos, and pathos are *the* elements that account for persuasiveness of arguments/ideas. And ruinously so, if writers are too taken to be writers.

One piece of worldbuilding from The Dispossessed that is underappreciatedly radical is the anarresti understanding of science and philosophy as a single field. I've seen other authors use a similar approach, but this is the most notable example, imo.

It's not that the anarresti are objectively right, but that it illustrates the way science is intimately tied to culture, that science isn't its own, unique, objective, inherent aspect of the universe as western philosophy of science asserts.

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