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Hello, I am interested in linguistics, electromagnetics, propulsion and ancient religions. Degrees in law, history, and philosophy. Science Fiction & Fantasy author, freelance lawyer and history teacher. Looking to make some connections and flesh out my RSS reader with interesting sources of articles on the above subjects.

Especially interested in good novels and articles about , from both a hard science and a wild-speculation or historic perspective.

These are probably my most successful house plants, each taken as a single leaf found on the floor at various garden centres well over three years ago! I water them like three times a year and they are still thriving! 🌱

Robert Reed’s “Mystic Falls” is my first #clarkesworld story this year, and it is proper cyberpunk in the way I like. Everyone remembers having met Her, but only by their hacked uploaded memories, and when a group of specialist tries to find out what she is and why, they only get the somewhat mystic answer of a mistake who chose the fast-and-huge instead of the long-and-small. Inspiration for The Veil, once more.

In our study of 16 cis white males between the ages of 18 and 24 we have concluded that everyone on earth is white males between the ages of 18 and 24.

Despite triple-checking my settings, this site still continues to hide (as in, they won't show up no matter what) all images from me.

This is sub-optimal behavior, Mastodon.

We're retro-engineering chickens into dinosaurs now, all in the name of the Great Quest for that Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg.

Hey I know this is weird but can anyone explain sickle-cell anemia to me & why you get the results you get for gel electrophoresis? Does it have to do with the fact that the replacement of glutamic acid to valine and how that changes the charges and sizes, thus the speed? I know that for the normal one, you get 2 bands, sickle cell you get 1 band, and heterozygous you get 3 bands. But can someone explain please this to me since my lab professor sure didn't bother in her 2 hr long lecture?

I freaking hate that it is common wisdom that someone disengaging you is conceding the argument in an age where it'd be literally impossible to argue with everyone looking for an argument.

I hope to build out a series over the next 12 months focusing on pioneering women in computing and would love to feature people from marginalised groups. If there's anyone you'd like me to cover or generate a piece of art of, let me know and I'll give you a render.

I'm doing social media icons/ profile pic commissions!!! they're $15 each and you can dm me on twitter @ jaymajaym or email at if you're interested!

Something that annoys me and is bad interface : (at least on mobile, i can't remember how it acts on computer web)

I have multiple pictures. I wanna add a description for all of them.
I write the first one, then click on the second picture. The alt text is visibly selected for a second then it switches for the the toot text and its so damn annoying! I have to click every picture twice to write their damn alt text

"For a while I felt that each game should stand alone, and you shouldn't count a players behavior in one game for or against them in the next. This of course is hopelessly idealistic, ... This means that these games are inherently unfair to someone joining a group of regular players. By the same token, this was part of the appeal to the regular players, ... This was where I learned that as a player I had to be aware of the metagame."


"NASA's Voyager 2 Went Interstellar the Same Day a Solar Probe Touched the Sun"

@piggo @mcpaccard I think the video accompanying the paper gives a better overview of what they are doing.

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Some of the libraries in Finland🇫🇮 have workshops equipped with soldering stations, laser cutters, woodworking tools, 3D printers and sewing machines. The staff is extremely lovely and helpful 😁

That's how staying relevant, as a place of science and culture, looks like

When Seattle made start times for middle and high schools later, students got an average of 34 more minutes of sleep, grades improved, and tardiness and absences decreased, a study found.

@Cyborgneticz Also, I cite this in my thesis and have issues with it, but it's a phenomenological approach to 4chan:

Don’t suppose anyone on the fedverse can help me out?

I’m looking for a comic about being pigeonholed as a gay/queer artist/comic creator.

The comic had an artist try to draw other subjects, but they all ended up phalic or him drawing his boyfriend. It was in black and white.

This is for a uni project and would make an amazing reference. I can’t remeber that artist name sadly.

Boosts are okay!


Of course, as I’d like to avoid debt - if anyone would like to help out and get a wee bit of arty goodness (prices USD); I do illustrations, pet/people portraits:

Lil watercolour illustrations $25-100
Digital portraits (like the dog, tho that’s a bit unfinished) $125-200
Oil portraits $200-600 (on paper, would be shipped to you rolled up)

The canvas paintings in the photo are for sale too; large canvas pieces will cost a bit more tho, and shipping would be a lot on top of that.

Does anybody know of a good, low-tech way to back up a slack instance into a human-readable web interface? looks like it might work but it is way beyond my current level of expertise, and I'm having difficulty telling what actually DOES. But while my slack team is chatty, we're not an enterprise group, and I can't see our way to paying $5/mo/user.

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