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Hello, I am interested in linguistics, electromagnetics, propulsion and ancient religions. Degrees in law, history, and philosophy. Science Fiction & Fantasy author, freelance lawyer and history teacher. Looking to make some connections and flesh out my RSS reader with interesting sources of articles on the above subjects.

Especially interested in good novels and articles about , from both a hard science and a wild-speculation or historic perspective.


Consider Children of Time
Adrian Tchaikovsky

An arc ship from a poisoned Earth approaches a terraformed world hoping to colonize. An Old Empire sentinel satellite is circling the planet and is warning them off.

This excellent story weaves biology, social interaction and "first contact" science fiction themes with excellent effect.

@Algot I actually just finished Children of Time this week! It was a fantastic story, on all fronts, and the ending was genuinely surprising although in retrospect it shouldn't have been, which is the sign of a great book by my standards.

I've been looking for more books in the vein of Fall of Angels by Modesitt and Dragonsdawn by McCaffrey, but struggling to find modern examples that really dig deep into the process of colonization instead of focusing on military aspects or generation ships.


While there's a definite military slant to Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series beginning with "In the Balance", the twist of the colonization process is, for me, fascinating throughout the series.

@Algot Oh! I enjoy Turtledove's work -- my particular favorite is Give Me Back My Legions! -- but haven't everything of his, and hadn't heard of this series. Thank you, I will eagerly add it to my reading list.


Brin's "Uplift" books explore another side of "colonization".

I think I read "Startide Rising" first.

I'll see if I can remember more. At 72, I have read many books, but don't always remember them!

@JamieEllison You appear to be an embodiment of several of my favorite topics in one person. :) Welcome! At the risk of a self plug for one of my short stories, may I suggest the post-colonial SF anthology "We See a Different Frontier" published by The Future Fire:

@quantumcowboy looks interesting, I will check it out tomorrow, and I hope you continue to find me interesting :) zzznao!

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