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I'm a PhD student in bioinformatics / computational biology in University College Dublin. Originally from France, I'm still learning English.

I study proteins and peptides, their evolution in . Also interested in disordered proteins in general and proteolysis. I analysis data and create software for biologists and bioinformaticians.

I spent most of my time programming (I love , but also I also use and web dev languages)

PhD thesis submission; bioinformatics 

So, yesterday I submitted my thesis! I'm so happy and tired


Well, I did some research and tried to put some English words in the right order, a lot of last minute fails, but I think my thesis is finally over!

English language weirdness 

One day I will understand when to and when not to use "a" and "an" :psyduck:

academia; software development 

in my thesis i present 3 web servers / apps.

My conclusion: please never make me build another one!

Thesis; PhD 

This is the final week, I may even submit my thesis one day earlier than the deadline!

Next steps: sleep for a very long time and start looking for jobs

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wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

Thesis "fun fact" 

Staring at the pdf of my thesis doesn't help finish writing and editing it.

Thesis "fun fact" 

I pretty sure could have find a reference from a Greek author discussing milk, but I had to stay on point

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Thesis "fun fact" 

In my thesis I have at least one reference for each letter of the (English) alphabet

Thesis "fun fact" 

My oldest reference is from 1786, a book from De Fourcroy

Currently lacking the motivation to write the motivation part of my thesis... Oh boy I need this think to end or I'm going to lose the last remnants of my mental health

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Stallman is not a hero.

At best, he managed to bring an interesting concept into the public consciousness. He's been using that to coast on his reputation and get away with awful, awful behavior since then.

I almost finished writing my thesis but I still feel like I can't write, it's still so difficult

Time management; holidays; thesis writing 

Argh, we already are the 21st of December, and I haven't started to buy gifts. Too late to get anything delivered before the 24 in France 😔 (and in 3 weeks I will have to submit my thesis 😱)

Sick day; no thesis writing 

Days with a cold and fever, I finally decided not to work one minute today for my physical and mental health, let's hope it works... I feel like I'm wasting time

thesis; PhD; life; hope 

I can't wait to finish my PhD and can't wait to have a somewhat normal adult life, but writing this thesis is so hard

Thesis writing 

Are you sure I can't add emoji to my PhD thesis?

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Chers amis, après deux ans d’existence, il est temps pour Arcadie d’évoluer et de passer à la vitesse supérieure. Le Projet Arcadie se mue en organe de contrôle de la vie parlementaire.

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